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  1. Only three years later, but I too am and have been experiencing this same vision peculiarity and only as of today decided to implore the internet for an explanation. When either outside or looking outside (much like your experience) I see tiny flashes of lights flow and zip about without pattern (sometimes long curved movements, sometimes zig-zagging spastically. You can actually see the depth in their flight as, at times, one will cross behind another. While inside (not looking out the window), on a day-to-day bases, I see (what only can be described as) an odd blanket of pulsating light over (essentially) everything I look at. It’s difficult to discern if it is on top of the object itself or a wall just before it, but none-the-less, it’s there. If – by chance – you still frequent this site or if anyone you there may have heard/knows of this occurrence, I am all ears. Being a hypochondriac, my hope is that it is not a tumor (a doctor’s visit is on the radar screen ).
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