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  1. I am sorry. This board sucks. The mods banned me for 2 weeks, as some form of punishment. I will not be wasting my time here further. There is no point, as I am providing them content, and they act as if I should thank them. This is sad. If anyone has a question for me, just google my name, and you will easily find contact information. This site, does not allow me to post it. And so... to the Mods, "you know what you can do." And to the owners.... "You should fire your mods, as they are oppressive and drive people away." Again, this board sucks, and so good bye, I
  2. Umm... is there a better species? should we just kill ourselves because we think we are un-worthy? perhaps... you have self esteem problems... I do not know. I would think, we are the best we have, and even if we are not... WE... ARE WE... and by nature... should defend our survival and seek our expansion. evolution... could... take care of improving us... over billions of years... but for that... to become better... we must survive.. and evolve. evolution... requires babies... lots of babies. Death... is something we would all like to avoid. Babies.. and populat
  3. Soo I guess I would ask.... is the Calorie count on the tread mill... Calories.. or calories.... (C = kilo) if its kilo... then I would feel better when working out. but... if weight loss is my goal... I would eat less... we burn 2000 a day doing nothing. so every hour that we starve we loose about one ounce of fat... one pound of fat has about 3000 Calories. thats 2/3 of a pound a day.
  4. Someone asked me to write a letter.. i wrote it... and think some of you who are in pain... for mysterious reasons.. may want to know. so.. To those who have mysterious auto-immune disorders, I, was diagnosed with Rhuematism, about 20 years ago, and have been in horrible pain for all that time, almost 20 years, but TODAY, I HAVE NO PAIN, and am basically cured, without medication. (I used to take a lot of meds, everyday!!!) Put simply, after 20 years, I figured out that, I AM ALLERGIC TO WHEAT... GLUTEN. THE PROBLEM IS, they put wheat in almost everything processed. Th
  5. When I say ether... I mean it as Tesla described it... space is.. a transindental fluid which condescends to obey certain natural laws... laws which formed matter from it, and in it.. and is the medium... in which everything in the universe exists.... ether means.. space... when I use it. The bible... describes it as the waters.. in genesis chap one. Im sorry... I answer what I can answer, and when I cannot I say.. I cannot. its hard sometimes when people place a question in a long paragraph where they attack so many things. the best way to ask a question.. and get
  6. before playing with Neutrons... you should at least read... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutron_radiation and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutron_scattering
  7. ok.. good point.. but still mandatory sterilization is as bad as..... next they will want to castrate all men for our own good. horrific.
  8. THATS SAD.... always atheists do not want to have any argument they fear they cannot win. So why bother. if you've been around... like i have. you would see clearly... the boards which allow for full free thought.. can get huge... the boards who mod too much... and oppress free thought.... go down... as people simply leave for another board which is not oppressed by biased minds.
  9. well my god... the link IS TO YOUR OWN SITE..... you... bascially are saying... I CANNOT DISCUSS THE TOPIC.. OR SHARE A THOUGHT... UNLESS I DO IT ON ONE THREAD. I am doing that.... i did that.. I DID NOT HIJACK ANYTHING. IN FACT... I WENT OUT OF MY WAY... TO AVOID HIJACKING IT. I PROVIDED THE LINK.. so any interest person could go there if they wanted to... this kind of fanatical behavior will drive people away from your site. gesh.. this is disgusting. -Mosheh Thezion
  10. as to the discussion of time... I would post pictures and text... but the mod here is oppressive so all I can do is... suggest... you go to this page... scan down to the page on TIME... and consider my thoughts and proposals. see --> link removed -Mosheh Thezion
  11. ok.. simple question... I am asking for help. does anyone know how to isolate, EASILY.. CHEAPLY.. the isotopes of mercury??? I seek and desire Hg 196... which naturally.. is .15% of all naturally occuring mercury. Any thoughts??? -Mosheh Thezion
  12. I would answer this thread.... with pictures and long text.. but the mods here is oppressive so... I would tell the topic starter to go to... url deleted Where.. i discuss why... why... why.. electrons orbit.... why atoms form at all. -Mosheh Thezion
  13. The entire idea.... is horrific... we do not need population controls... we need a better economic system to allow our numbers to expand.. and expand.. and the technology we need... is space travel... so that we can fill the heavens will humans... NOT... STAY HERE.. AND KILL ALL BABIES... gesh... babies are an asset... and we need more to launch to the stars... and evolve.... evolve.. into all we can be over the next trillion years across the galaxies.... all of them -Mosheh Thezion
  14. umm.. no.. and yes. protons.. do give off positrons.. to become neutrons... and free neutrons only last 12 seconds outside a core.. and after 12 seconds will emit an electron and become a proton... and there is speculation that neutrinos are emitted, and always there is the possibility that a photon can be emitted by said processes depending on the energy levels of the particles during such.(side effect) In theory... i propose that matter.. is likenned to a ball of string.. that string is the fundamental particle... that particle is like.. like.. electrostatic force, but maybe neu
  15. excuse me... but it seems clear... the members are having a good time talking... discussing.. arguing.. that is what a forum is for, the only down side... is a mod who thinks they need to control peoples conversations... which is lame and oppressive. what is the point of sharing thought if a biased mod... will delete content???????? and basically gets in the way of having an open discussion? There is no point. I have been on many boards.... many... many... I've been banned I do not know how many times. but never... never.. have I seen a mod who interfered as much as you
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