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  • Birthday 05/05/1986

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    Flagstaff AZ (Phoenix is home)
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    Reading (fantasy, suspense/thriller, sci-fi, starwars and sci-non-fi), camping/hiking/kayaking, swimming, soccer, rampant nymphomaniacal fornication, the sacrificial immolation of infants to the demon-god Moloch, and plotting the demise of 90+% of the human population in my bid for absolute rule as Empress of civilization. Also like to cook.
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    Bachelors of Zoology
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    Zoology & evobio, plus others
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    Slightly sociopathic, somewhat ocd, occasionally hypnagogic, and nymphomaniacal with a penchant for rationalistic empiricism, pragmatically utilitarian moral relativism & speculatively Ignostic Critical Atheism
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    Current coffee-jockey and fulltime student, former pigeon-butcher and wildlife rehabilitator (maybe hopefully an opening at a zoo soon!)


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Specialties are zoology, ethology and evolutionary biology, with some paleontology, and added interest and varying degrees of laymen+ knowledge in xeno/astrobiology, philosophy and ethics, astronomy, cosmology and theoretical physics (barely :huh:), psychology, anthropology, theology, ancient history and mythology. I'm big on the idea of consilience. Except for math. Math can die. In a rancid cesspool of its own filth. Raped to death by rabid Nazi coyotes. With super-AIDS :mad:


• Ideology •

Raised an implicit non-theist (an oversight in my upbringing more than an intentional ideological choice on my parents' part,) I'm a pragmatically utilitarian moral relativist, a tiny bit sociopathic and a tad sadistic,and rationalistically empirical. I am a speculatively ignostic, explicit and critical atheist happily allocating <1% provisional doubt to a very small number of conceivably feasible or any as of yet unconceived theistic hypothesis (I'd like to point out that the only viable current conceptions of a god-like being or beings that are consistent with observable reality would either be impotently isolated from and completely blind to the universe, or inhuman douchebags). I'm also an environmentalistic humanitarian misanthrope, and would prefer a genio-meritocratic social republic as a form of government.

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