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  1. Is Philosophy crap? In my opinion, no. Why? While some might enjoy research which leads to solid conclusions, some rather spend their free time trying to reach a valid answer to a philosophical question, which, like mentioned before, will often be subjective. A lot has already been said about philosophy which I find important, so, all I'd like to add is this: If there is anyone who enjoys philosophy, then it isn't "crap". Now after reaching that conclusion what you might want to ask yourself is "Then what is it useful for?" Animals rely on their instincts to survive, and to survive, they require aliments (etc). So, you could say that instinct, is what allows animal survival. In comparison with that logic, what humans need to survive, is intelligence. Knowledge. Consciousness. Philosophy is a stimulation for the mind of many. It stimulates not just the will to question oneself about philosophical questions, but it also aids one's intellectual growth. (and eventually, self-discovery) So my general point with this perhaps rough logic is, if philosophy does so much, how can it be crap? Sure, it might be annoying for many, and I understand why. But It's not useless for everyone. In fact, It's probably essential, as all knowledge and discoveries affecting the present day started with questions, and I believe philosophy to be the overall search for knowledge of the unknown. Although I suppose that, with the coming of science, mathematics and everything else as specific areas of study, philosophy might've indeed turned into the search for answers to questions of a philosophical nature only.
  2. True, just as many other crazy conspiracies which turned out to be part of history. While I believe you cannot speak in general, I don't disagree with you. All they do is crash sites, for that, no hacking skills are necessary. Of course, if they did hack, that would be illegal and their voice would likely lose impact. Lose reason. However, I wonder about them "imploding". It's true they lack organization and leadership which are essential, but they are driven by the concept that "Anonymous" is not a group, but an idea. This is why I'm not sure whether they will soon implode, or last for a very long time, whether in large or small numbers. It's this turmoil which aids human evolution to take place, wouldn't you agree? Humanity is often divided in two or more "sides" which are in conflict. Of course, we shouldn't be silent and cross our arms when faced with situations when our well-being is at stake. Unfortunately though, It's often the most intelligent ones who grow to understand so much about the world, that decide to cross their arms and regard the beauty of the world as spectators. But I cannot speak in general.
  3. Greetings students, scientists, researchers, teachers, philosophers, physicists, and everything else. What do you think about our world's current situation? Are you content about it? It's not so bad, is it? After all you're currently navigating the Internet, in your laptop or desktop, or whatever apparatus you might be using to view this message. However, while not trying to cast guilt to you, the reader, I want to remind you of the many problems in our world, because, while we might be living a significantly pleasant life today, if we decide to cross arms and leave everything to those in power, the world will undoubtedly turn into a displeasing place. You might've heard of Mr.Sigmund Freud, researcher of crowd psychology. With his help, corporations learned how to make the masses buy things they didn't need. He wasn't the only one to help achieve feats such as this. Those in control have always known well how to control the masses. Do you agree with everything being done in the world today? No? I see, what are you doing to stop it? When you make a mistake, in exchange, you receive the knowledge to overcome your difficulties, to evolve, and to not make the same mistake again. At times, one needs to make the same mistake several times before we learn. Sometimes, we learn before we make a mistake. The universe, is beautiful indeed. Evolution is evermore present everywhere, It's everlasting. However, we are a community. The world is a community. If you live in this world, you are part of it. If you dislike something in this world, you ought to express your opinion, and strive to spread your point of view until you: 1: Understand that what you disliked was not so bad and is rather quite likable (being educated) or 2: Find others which agree with you, and strive to change whatever is wrong with the world. Unless of course, you are fond of a world where "disorder rules". Or a world with no love, no unity or no justice. Well, is there a specific icon of history that you're fond of or idolize? What makes you think you can't do as much, or more than this person? You are writing history as we speak. I am writing history as well, be it documented or not. Be it more or less important, I am part of humanity, I am affecting it. What is my point? These forums are a place where many very intellectual and wise individuals come to share their ideas and opinions. Knowledge is power, and you hold more power than you might think. Are you aware of just how many people are completely ignorant in this world? What fantastic potential do you think they have if they weren't ignorant? I'd like to tell you about activism, and the hacktivist movement "Anonymous". I'd like to tell you about activism in general. You are not forced to help the world go round. You are not forced to help, but remember that at this very instant, there are people working in factories, bakeries, supermarkets, schools, banks, etc. They are doing this so tomorrow, you can go to work/school, after eating a healthy and/or delicious breakfast, taking a hot shower, putting on some comfortable clothes and after driving your beloved vehicle which is powered by the so famous expensive gasoline. You do your part in the world. How hard do you think it is to save 10 to 30 minutes for some activism? I'd like to hear your opinion, and I'd like to hear what you think about the so-called crazy Illuminati theory, the hacktivist group Anonymous, the politicians of this era and the current state of the world in general. Time is the measure of change. What do you think our world will change into, as we head to a new age?
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