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  1. Your perspective is intriguing, however. As far as we know, we only perceive 3 dimensions not only because that is all we can see but, that is the only amount large enough for us to see. But if the objects were actually 4 dimensional their shape would more than likely change all the time. Similar to us seeing a rock: we can only see 2 dimensions at a time but as we turn it the shape/color/ orientation/ etc. changes. That is because it embodies 3 dimensions but we only see 3 =]
  2. What version of ubuntu do you have btw?
  3. A traveler can travel to the center of the galaxy and back which is 60 light years accelerating at 1g (earth's gravity) toward the speed of light and when he came back to earth 10,000 years would have passed. This is considered time travel to the future using time dilation. I don't remember the exact wording but (this came from this month's sciam - asymmetry of time)
  4. Has anyone even considered outside the visible universe? Possibility still lies there...remember light hasn't even had time to reach us yet
  5. You are so correct. I strongly believe a theory of everything will only the next step to uncovering the entire truth even if there is one.
  6. by John D. Barrow Anyone read it? Just bought it last week and can't put it down. The author does a great job.
  7. I know this is a tough questions but what happens to theoretical micro black holes then =x
  8. With no proof, what can we assume then? One cannot even use the Bible because of all of its contradictory statements and gaps. And the Bible's evidence holds less weight for evidence of a "God" existing because there are tons of other books claiming a "God" for itself; Quran being one example.
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