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  1. I am glad you become my friend!

  2. Gene pool!Mutation is a sudden and spontaneous change responsible for changing a gene (defective or beneficial),How would it affect a gene pool?
  3. Only darwinian evolution don't you think heredity has something to do with that?
  4. Lets go more inside to your question. First think what is "life" then comes your question about division of a cell. Just think you have all the requirements for a cell but still you can't produce the"protoplasm",the physical basis of life.What would you do??? The answer to your question is already answered finely by others.I would like to add some more.A cell divides to form a blastula (a mass of 16 to 32 cells,after sexual reproduction) and then it produces to form a gastrula (responsible for producing germ layers) to the foetus,organogenesis,parturition. Note: This is about mammalian reproduction(human)
  5. So,See this link cosmos relirionus feeling said by a prophet also the other prophets.Would you think this many people would say wrong?http://www.cosmiccradle.com/big_bang2.html The word relirionus is corrected as religious
  6. That's fine.It would rather be more satisfactory if you would explain some more on cosmic religious feeling.
  7. What would you say about this?http://www.cosmiccradle.com/big_bang2.html
  8. I mean"Science without religion is lame ,religion without science is blind"-Albert Einstein.......You got it.
  9. So you think Einstein was wrong...!
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