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  1. There is something smaller than a point. We got Singularity. Event horizon depends on the strength of their respective gravitational fields. Just can't consider an infinitely large field. As in same case as a electric field. A charge which is considered to be a point doesn't have an infinitely large field.
  2. Are special unitary groups as SU(5) symmetrical? Orthogonal groups are symmetrical but are unitary groups too?
  3. Understanding the ways of numbers is way hard stuff.

  4. Do you agree with the fact that Einstein introduced the curvature tensor taking it 0 to be legit?
  5. hello! Can you add me on Facebook if you have it there? you can add me here


  6. So it doesn't have a generalized answer for indefinite integrals?
  7. that's root of negative 1! How do you conclude about the value 'i'?
  8. You were absolutely correct about the answer sir. Indeed that's true!! Thank you! Absolutely( for the edited part ofcourse)!! doesn't that possibly violate the the simple basic laws of mathematics? if x/y = z then yz =x? I mean again if we calculate the tangent of an angle 90? A ratio of infinity? At that ratio the triangle wouldn't even exist!
  9. Is it possible to unify Newtonian Dynamics?
  10. Integration of e^sinx with respect to x. Do you think it ever terminates?
  11. Can anyone help me by a generalized equation for the time period of all types of pendulums?
  12. Do you think that dynamics as a whole can be unified?
  13. I got you sir but is there anything wrong with my question? I mean as a calculating device human brain selects a number so is the probability of calculating a number undefined for human brain?
  14. I think people do that for they have a least satisfactory answer to define it but time doesn't have such a definition.
  15. Is the quantity 1/infinity undefined? I mean the probability of selecting a number from the infinite series of whole numbers? Is it undefined?
  16. That's what I am asking Sir! People don't or can't define it as under the grounds of QM or GR at a large order. While asking it under grounds of metaphysics is it the best answer to be defining it as if the storage of memories and stuff?
  17. Can anyone quietly elucidate what is time? I mean while defining Time people in general relate them to be just a measure of something. That "something" can't be defined by them!
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