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  1. 11dees

    Time Travel

    actually time travel is possible we travel through time every second. this is how I see time travel but through ratios
  2. 11dees

    Heaven or Hell

    according to judeo-christianity thats immposible so you would go to hell and if your an atheist and one of the laws to a perfect life style of that faith is to beleive in god hence you couldnt live the life style actually the bible passed all archeological tests.
  3. I'm stating my case in which 1) god created the physical laws 2) is not bound by these laws. some say this is immposible but a deity has infinte power (even not to be bound by scientific laws)
  4. Actualy souls and spirits aren't disproved because there are 11 dimensions we only experience 4 but we can still exsist in others hence soul/spirit
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