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  1. 1)Let G be an Abelian group and let H={g in G/ IgI divides 12}. Prove that H is a subgroup of G. Is there anything special about 12 here? Would your proof be valid if 12 were replaced by some other positive integer? State the general result? 2) Find a collection of distint subgroup <a1>, <a2>,.....,<an> of Z240 with the proberty that <a1> C <a2> C.....C <an> with n as large as possible. if you have time, drop me a line anyone!!!
  2. Hi Dave, i've been done exactly wat you tried to show me above, but my professor mark it wrong, he took my 10 pts out, that's so sad Here is wat i got: (ab)^-1=a^-1b^-1 for every a,b are in G then b^-1a^-1=a^-1b^-1 for every a,b are in G Mutiplying both side by abon the left: e=aba^-1b^-1 Mutilplying by right: ba=ab since this is true for every a,b are in G, G is Abelian, if G are in Abelien, then (ab)^-1=a^-1b^-1 fore very a,b are in G. give me some hints Dave, thanks a lot
  3. In a group, prove that (ab)^-1=b^-1a^-1. Find an example thats hows that it is possible to have (ab)-2=/=b^-2a^-2 Find distinct monidentity element a and b from a non-Abelian group with the property that (ab)-1=a^-1b^-1. Draw an analogy between the statement (ab)^-1=b^-1a^-1 and the act of putting on and taking off your sock and shoes (shock and shoes property). anyone help pls!
  4. -y^2-z^2=1.......from this equation, is it a circle or what?? help me anyone!!
  5. If you can't handle discrete math, then stop studying math buddy, cuz you have to take abstract Alg. after you finished dis. math. U must know about dis. math is the base of abs. alg. I'm taking Abs. alg. so, i know how hard it is...you need to watch out.
  6. Matt Grime, would you plz give me more detail about the problem above! it's due on thursday, help me plz....thanks a lot
  7. Bottle caps that are pried off typically have 22 ridges around the rim. Find the symmetry group of such a cap. Please help me this problem, thanks a lot!
  8. I can't figure out these problem, if you think it's easy so plzz...help me out with this...thanks a lot
  9. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These questions are relative to Equivalence Relations.... Question[1]..Let S be the set of real number. If a,b exist in S, define a~b if a-b is an interger. Show that ~is an equivalence relation on S. Describe the equivalence classes of S. Question[2]... Let S be the set of intergers. If a,b exist in S, define aRb if ab>=0. Is R an equivalence relation on S? Question[3].. Let S be the set of interfers. If a,b exist in S, define aRb if a+b is even. Prove that R is an equivalence relation and determine the equivalence classes of S. Hints: 1]..(a,a) exist in R for all a exist in S.. [reflexive property] 2]..(a,b) exist in R implies (b,a) exist in R [symmetric property] 3]..(a,b) exist in R and (b,c) exist in R imply (a,c) exist in R [transitive property] thanks a lot
  10. this problem is due on wedd. , i hope you guys will help me out with this.... In the cut "As" from Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder mentions the equation 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 = 4. Find all integers n for which this statement is true, molulo n. thanks alot for your help......
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