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  1. eric555

    Weird world

    hmmm, lets see many american multinational companies and internet businesses in1990s were sold to black americans. Then in the near future what if Microsofts' chairperson is taken over by someone black american?
  2. 'Life is like a white skin painting but inwardly palsy with retouch of glimmer hopes!'
  3. I was watching star trek movie and in it there was group of students who were answering to mathematics sums of high end mathematics questions without refering to rough calculations nor to any arithmetic calci. So do such high end brains exists which solve mathematics without solving? Human brains as a cultured medium for solving mathematics without use of analytical skills! The movie even suggests that mathematics was a subject of space race!???
  4. hi, i came on the internet in the years 2000 till 2012. So as i wrote many a topics in years 2000 about various countries, many white countries even seclusive, dull or even modest behaviour societies read my readings. And in years to 2006, tried to do many changes in their societies, like new world order. So it seems that many foreign nations through their visionary knew about me and would had welcomed me without any hitch. So i think the world before 2000 year must had been different, carefree world, few restrictions,...etc. So in the coming years 2006, many countries became inwardly, tried to hush up their freedom pasts, obscure environment deliberately tense. Then this has created indifference in societies of the world. So i think many indians who visited usa, uk enjoyed their stay before 2000. What if in the present day atmosphere it would make me puke? I mean wheres the porn magazines, wheres the candy and wheres the milkshakes gone? They were supposed to be there? Like what if many countries societies themselves were discussing about world war 3. Or lets say mumbai before 2000 was different, nowdays many beautiful girls of that time were asked to leave and they were somehow replaced by uglier ones in 2006. So these were like the bunch of people who still wanted recognition. And then created an imbalance in society. What if famous filmstar of mumbai shahrukh khan in near future was seen fleeing due to communal threats. But still people say that there is no manipulation in society and everything happens as per god's will. Many of you are much smarter than me, you living before year 2000 might had noticed the changes in your societies, but thought they were just changes in times!
  5. Faking young age could be a deception, just by looking one can make out guess the real age of aunties tennis players. By looking at their postures, movements...etc. Its mostly 28, 30, 33...etc They might had hidden their children at boarding schools to meet the demands of modern day tennis media!
  6. In my childhood days i used to watch a lot of lawn tennis and there were so many younster women players jennifer capriati, stefi graff, monica seles...etc. Nowdays if you see tennis one gets to see all middle aged tennis players like they first spent youth elsewhere, got married and even had children, and then came to play deliberately in international tennis. Earlier the young ladies tennis players used to play tennis first! As i remember lindsay davenport was the first such women who started such middle aged tennis matches!!!
  7. eric555

    Weird world

    Hi, i have been reading about iraq wars since my childhood. And there have been also many hollywood movies made about gulf war. But i just came to know that iraq which gets mention as bethlehem is infact a population of white skin african race muslims. So on tv and in media they show iraqis as good english and urdu speaking country, but infact is a african language speaking country but white in color. So their habitual lifestyle living is very much similar to africans, algiers, tunisia, algeria..etc. So does americans have an affinity towards african like countries like nigeria, iraq etc???
  8. I had seen in my minds visions that once i had visited usa in my dreams and i had checked their MBA, Law books..etc in various colleges and libraries. I found out that in india, the MBA, Law books are the most simplified and easiest to understand english written. Whereas USA education which is just 9th standard college, their education authorities for raising its standard had written extremely tough hard english written books of MBA and Law studies for over 25 year olds. The usa hard english with each books consisting of more than 2000 pages with non incomprehensible english much tough than british english. So people from asian countries never get to study in usa. And here in india, even failures are MBA and Law graduates!!! Usa english (MBA and law)could give overload to a normal brain and strain to the eyes. Such english is not there on the internet, where normally global english is communicated. So there was a time when there was a world of charlie chaplin era! 15 th century black and white, quick film. Galileo galieli was strolling across the leaning power of pisa and he looked up. On the top, was isaac newton was at the top of tower holding a big iron sphere which he said was of mass= m1 kg and had ionic charged. He was testing it for free falling object with gravity acceleration. Galileo who too had a apple of mass = m2 kg sought of throwing it up against gravity=g to strike the sphere when it was released meet it at half of the distance = s meters of tower of pisa at precise time = t seconds! This proved the three laws of newton. Even momentum the apple met with collision with the falling sphere. Galileo then came down the tower of pisa and ran away with the ionic charged sphere. There was a loud noise nearby as isaac newton looked and there was a mushroom in the clouds. Galileo came back then again to the tower of pisa.
  9. In many hollywood movies which i once used to watch in my childhood days of school and colleges of usa, i had seen that their education is only till 9th standard. With some touch up with mathematical integration, triganometry etc. The papers too are just screened for how the basics of diagramatic summation scoring with a,b,c.... In india though many students learn to perfectly solve the higher integration sums in their 14th age!!! Perhaps after passing their 9th standard education college in usa in their terms many huge school college students are free to choose their vocation or further education, unlike india where many dimwitted children loose their nerves in such young ages but still blabbering about who einsteiner was. Since english is your mother tongue language your seniors seems to have written pages and pages, so many usa grown ups then start taking education seriously at age perhaps 19, when many indians had completed graduation bsc in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology....! Till age 25 many usa ians have somehow learnt to solve every einsteiner formulae of physics and mathematics. And without taking admissions nor interviews already went to their respective positions i.e. Nasa, applied science, research etc. So lets say einstein was a brainchild of science and explored his genius of those ten others before him in 1920s mechanics. In 1960s the age was of microelectrononics and binary codes. So how does the modern geniuses in america of 1980s can work out programmes so simply of binary codes developer languages? I guess they are making some surprises for indians in 2045a.d.??? Like the indian farmers once found debris of scud and patriot missiles, one said my friend 7th grader used to work in making such things. Its called three year degree course M.S.C. in Ballistic science. Suppose the scud launches with mass=m kg at time=t seconds acquiring a parabola to its target. Distance covered from point to point is= R metres. Upon impact the fuel might have a destructive radius of 200 meters. Then the patriot which perhaps has a homing head tracks the scud in its flight path in (T-65seconds) with radio signals. And funny that 99% indians even college professors and drdo scientists never knew about isaac newton even after getting their laurettes! http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton
  10. no, i don't use google.com search. Why is it that out of a hundred online members only one or two give absurd negative replies. Atleast ten viewers should give some positive response? Back in galileo times his theories were condemned by christian orthodox church papal, so they might be believing other than heliocentric solar system. Galileo also built telescope of high power, nowdays i have seen on tv there are huge electronic telescopes which study space, planets.
  11. Cooling principles practically devised in 17th century!!!
  12. Simplified version... http://central-air-conditioner-and-refrigeration.com/basic-refrigeration-cycle.html Thermodynamics theoretically seems a very cool subject.
  13. Einsteiner equations in a broader sense is a brain cultivated knowledge, if out of hundred ten know it, then the other ninety would get a gist of it through minds network in society. So einsteiner mathematics and physics equations were the works of few minds of their times, and it seems foolish that a india as a developing country which has nothing to do with physics, mathematics...etc know such things!!!!
  14. And what were they? So i could get a broader idea?
  15. But what had einsteiner mathematics and physics theorems had to do in betterment of society?
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