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  1. OK, a bit OT, but if anyone's interested, please see my posts in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology forum here.
  2. Technically, there is a time limit: 10 years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_of_Philosophy#Time
  3. Here's a new way of making PNA antisense oligonucleotides: Make artificial tRNA synthetases --http://www.cnrs.fr/cw/en/pres/compress/EvolutionCodeGenetique.htm -- that attach to PNA nucleotides, such that the one that hooks up to "A" in the mRNA sequence will place "U" in the PNA sequence. Of course, you'd have to add the 3' and 5' UTRs after the fact --in the 3'...5' format, of course--, so you could prefab those PNA oligonucleotides, and splice them to the oligonucleotide. Automatic antisense oligonucleotide manufacturing!!!
  4. I've got a question about how to do statistical analyses: Let's say a randomized controlled study of the efficacy of a new antiretroviral agent to be used in treating HIV/AIDS --specifically, the one here: http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=32796 -- is commenced in HIV+ mice, w/ 20 mice randomly assigned to the treatment group, and 20 mice randomly assigned to the placebo group. 18 mice in the treatment group end up w/ viral loads < 50 copies/ml --which is definied in the literature as clinically insignificant--, and a CD4+ T-cell count of > 500 cells/ul, which is th
  5. I believe I may have posted this before on a slightly less appropiate subforum, so I'm moving it here. Your expert opinion is greatly needed!!! Synthesize a peptide nucleic acid antisense oligonucleotide for HIV’s gag gene’s mRNA. The reason for using PNA is that it is substantially more resistant to enzyme degradation by nucleases and proteases. The reason for choosing the gag gene is that it’s proteins, p24, p17, p7, and p6, code for the basic physical infrastructure of HIV; w/o these key proteins, there is no HIV. Then, encapsulate the oligonucleotides in liposomes studded w/ anti-
  6. Hi! I'm a 16.5yr old community college freshman, and I'm hoping for a career as a physician-scientist. I'm currently taking Intermediate Algebra, Macroeconomics, Freshman Composition, and Introduction to Philosophy. This fall, I plan on taking Introduction to Chemistry, College Algebra, and Trigonometry. Next year, I'll take the SAT I and SAT Subject Tests in Level 2 Math, Chemistry, and Molecular Biology. I hope to get into the University of Sussex's Molecular Medicine BSc program --http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/publications/ugrad2008/subjects/Molecular%20medicine --. Then, maybe a medical de
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