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  1. It takes time and filter paper and not much sodium acetate from each batch. Look on ebay: its dirt cheap.
  2. Find some pyrite, that can be decomposed into sulphuric acid and Fe3+. You wont get much, very impure, but its not too difficult. You just need an old fossil...
  3. Now, before I start, I want to make this known: Not many people will be able to do this, and if you want to make a big batch, then you'll have to go collect for the cause! So, most of you wont know, but Pyritic fossils (they are common in chalk and at the jurassic coat (thats lyme, seatown and charmouth in Devon)) can get infections. A tiny bacteria, the scurge of collectors, attack the pyrite, breaking it apart. Now, this is infectious: Keep infected fossils with uninfected and the bacteria will jump over eventually. But, what has this got to do with it? well, Pyrite fossils break dow
  4. Thanks for the reply, will be an immense help, but im not sure how I can conduct that kind of thing in my back garden! Some of them are a great help, but then again, im not sure where to get things like peach neon lights!
  5. Hey hey people, Im going to be starting a very very long summer soon, so I need to plan what ill be doing (I have approx. 12 weeks!). So, I want to try and make some chemicals and extract some elements from stuff I have at home. So, I require help and chemical knowledge on how to get some of the chemicals Im looking for! So, basically, I can buy about 20 1ml or 5ml jars, and I plan to put the elements and chemicals into these (I dont intend to hold large quantities of anything!). ELEMENTS ACCOUNTED FOR ARE CROSSED OUT! Hydrogen is easy enough (not exactly a challenge!). Helium
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