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  1. yes i am using username. There is no domain controller only homegroup I will try it with ip now
  2. Me and my bro are connected to the same network. He and I have windows 7 ultimate that has msg.exe. When i try to message him it says 'does not exist or is disconnected'. I dont see why this is happening. Any help would be great. Thanks
  3. Yes I do see where the idea of a God fits the problems of the universe but there are so many questions, like the one I put forward, that just make it seem impossible.
  4. I am not a religious man, but not once have I seen any mention of a God or Gods. Are no scientist religious? And could maybe the thing that describes and accounts for all of these uncertainties and speculations, really be, a much more intelligent and powerful Being or form of life, actually caused the 'beginning'? Could this be the answer that is un-provable et at the same time, 100% true? Personally, I think not, as surely an even more powerful Being created that Being who created us, who was created by another Being who was created by a never ending line of ultimate Beings with ultimate and unimaginable powers..... and soooooo on. Though this is my opinion I am very happy to accept being proven wrong or to hear others opinions
  5. weeeman

    RMS Speed?

    thank you very much. I am lucky enough to have the markscheme and so i can see this is correct although i will not have the markscheme in my exams which is a little problem haha
  6. weeeman

    RMS Speed?

    Got a question on a past paper and completely forgot how to do it. 3 particles have speeds 935m/s 743m/s and 312m/s. Calculate rms speed. Can anyone help
  7. The programme works great. I can now remotely shutdown the home premium computer via cmd. One last thing, i would like to use psshutdown rather than shutdown.exe in the command line. Just personal preference. But the computer has n password just a user name. Am i right in thinking this causes problemswith psshutdown
  8. good point i will give it a go today. insane_alien do you have any idea how to solve my remote shutdown problem? Copying msg.exe to home premium computer does not work. It gives a line of error XXXXX (X are number i cant remmember) I think i have found the answer to mine and everybodys problem. This programme was originally used for windows XP home, it is used to edit the previliges and it seems to work. I have installed it on my computer and the 'force shutdown from remote computer' key appears with the option to enable it (but i am on windows ultimate). I have not yet tried it on the home premium so bear with me but it looks very promising. Will let you know how it goes. http://local-account-manager.ungsoft-devel..._download2.html install, get past the nag screen, register later, continue trial, then double click through all the relevant users and edit previliges tab, Force Shutdown on a remote system.
  9. i just dont want to screw the computer up. I think that if this was possible people would have done it by now and it would be the first thing to come up when tring to use msg.exe on home premium.
  10. ahh ok i get you know. Yes i did see somewhere that that was possible but i have yet to find out what key to edit. I will concentrate on regedit since its seems more likely that i can achieve my goal with that. PS. I know it is another question but, i have windows ultimate and my bro has windows home premium. Windows ultimate allows for msg.exe in command line. If i copy the msg.exe to my brother system will he then be able to use msg.exe to message me? thanks guys
  11. Im sorry doG but one word does not help my problem. If it were that simple then i wouldnt be here after hours of google searching. Please can you elaborate on that post. thanks
  12. Im looking to change the kety in local security policy - local policies - user rights assignment - force shutdown from a remote server. I have searched for another way to edit this but have come up with nothing really. Do you know anything that can help me or any links. Thank you for quick replys.
  13. I have installed psexec and i like the look of the capabilities of it. But i still get the access denied problem. I have researced and it turns out i need to change a policy in local policies on the home premium computer via group policies. The only problem is that group policies is not built in to home preium and i cant find a way around this. I have looked for a command line alternative to set the policy but i can not find it. does anybody know of a way to alter group policies in home premium
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