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  1. (Disclaimer: I couldn't think of any where to put this since I don't know which category it would go under) I'm, by no means, any sort of scientist. I'm a 13 year old in 8th grade. But one thing I love about the universe is space. I really, really want to go out there some time and I figure I'll never live long enough or be fit enough to be an astronaut. And so, I came up with an idea. It's like a black box, but for humans. It records everything in your brain (memories, etc.) and stores them inside it. Then, once you die, they can put this "second brain" into a new body (robotic or other) and you pretty much be reanimated. This could mean time travel (waiting a long period of time before putting it into the second body) and immortality, almost. But I know there has to be a flaw of some sort in this plan. If there isn't, I'm surprised no one has invented this yet. Could anyone find the flaw in this plan? I know it has to be somewhere but I can't find it, and, as I said earlier, I'm not very educated in these things to figure it out myself. Thank you for any help.
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