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  1. I take it as a punishment so I have a reason to be better next time
  2. Dammit got moved ill be back with a better version of the theory. thank you all for the feed back
  3. "Yes, but this is not congruous to the statement that matter is reality." yep I see that hole in my theory. I need to choose each statement carefully and make sure it all matches up. But I'm on to something am I not? this one theory, trying to explain we are all one. if it gets proven right everything will be solved. no wars, no hate, no jealousy, no borders, no religion because there is no point in hitting yourself over and over again. humankind can work as one and be the greatest race that ever lived. too bad only a few of us see all of us as one. "Time is a dimension. Matter is...stuf
  4. 1) That's not what the "thought experiment" is going for. Also, you don't have a theory. maybe but that is how I interpret the experiment. This is still a rough draft tried to say everything didn't come out right. I need to write it down to get a clear answer. 2) Reality is not "made up of matter." There is such a thing as empty space. there is no absolute "empty space" or vacuum. Tiny particles pop in and out of existence forgot what they are called. 3) "There are an infinite amount of ways that reality can be interpreted". No. There is an objective, observable reality. Well I
  5. Well what you said is true the cat is measuring. But you can't say that there is no way the cat can be both dead and alive because the only way to know is by observing, by measuring and when you do measure you force the cat to be one or another. The point of there experiment is not knowing (from your perspective) what is inside of the box and when you don't know the possibility are endless. For example I have a box that is infinitely big and infinitely small what is inside? You don't know until you look, when you don't know the possibilities are endless because your imagination is endless. The
  6. Here is my theory the "IT theory" it's a possible explanation to why we are collapsing down into one reality. tell me what you guys think
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