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  1. And i say, in Dr Hawking's book, ''Baby Universes and Black Holes, among other essays, '' he states that we can make photons travel faster than light, using the Uncertainty Principle. It, is, again, incontravertible.
  2. And now, Dr Hakwings book, ''Black Holes and Baby Universes, among other essays,'' he states that ''and we can make photons travel faster than light, for a short period of time using the Uncertainty Principle.'' Proof.
  3. Well, things that move below lightspeed, move in real time, or imaginary space. A photon moves through nothing, and goes no where. And a thing that moves faster than lightspeed, moves through imaginary time, or real space. Basic Physics Mooey.
  4. Or unless, the spacetime fabric itself was dragging the photon... and that would mean it didn't exceed ''c''. So many options open, the debates will continue.
  5. If you mean, it doesn't travel faster than light, because it doesn't move through spacetime, it actually does, but a subspacetime channel, in which must be within the fabric of spacetime itself.
  6. Not sure about the first one, but have you considered using the inverse-square law for the second?
  7. There you go It Is All Relative! Speed Of Light Beaten |Sky News|World News16 Aug 2007 ... Sky News - Scientists claim to have broken the ultimate speed record - by making photons travel ... Could Time Travel Actually Be Possible? ... news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30200-1280079,00.html - 31k - Cached - Similar pages
  8. Or right. As the case may be. Lets not be narrow and dogmatic here.
  9. Which they are, when holding onto the belief photons can't move faster than light, when we know they can.
  10. I think the general view is that information is ethereal. It exists, only as a statistical ghost rusing through the imaginary dimension, or real space, which are the same thing. But this is quantum information, and this is the only way i think it can be defined, unless we are talking about an exchange of energy, or quantum entanglement.
  11. I beleive the answer Dad, is ''antiquated.'' INow. Yup.Flamer.
  12. I Now No, wrong way to see it. I see it that i answer people, if they give me the correct question. If they don't, how can i give a correct answer? Your Dad Hi. I might consider it. I wouldn't mind giving Mooey a few lessons on the theory so he can have a total understanding. Or is it not just Mooey? Is there others here who find my posts repulsively difficult to understand?
  13. Yes, i know that they cite these things, but some of the information in these references needs to be looked at the point, where photons can and do travel faster than light. This is an incontravertible, irrefutable proof we have observed in the lab.
  14. Overconfidence can be a weakness. I hold that you are wrong, but i am still open to the possibility you could be right.
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