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  1. It's actually very easy to do that. Just buy another phone number, design your own circuit board to put your phone card in it, and connect the board to your computer, and program some software so your computer will execute a certain command. Your computer can do pretty much anything, if you know how to program the idea you have. I don't know if such circuit boards are on the market, but they aren't that hard to make... Just imagine a regular smartphone, now in your imagination remove the Screen, Speakers, Buttons, Camera, Battery, All the connection ports, Storage devices (MicroSD and internal memory), the Frame, Microphone. And you leave a simple circuit board of 5 cm² (3.14 square inch) perhaps a little bigger. I know this is a pretty easy and non-professional way, but this is how the pro's do it too, but on a larger scale.
  2. Seems logic to me, one question though, do you perhaps know how and where exactly these map tables are stored. Because when I program a simple microchip to turn certain LEDs on or off while not connected to any computer, just to a battery. It knows what it does, it reads my software i wrote correctly, so i think those map tables are stored on every single microchip/controller/processor in the world. Correct me if i'm wrong. Would it be possible to manipulate a map table? For example, I send a data stream containing "01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111" (ASCII: "Hello") And my modified map table would translate this to ASCI: "icXMl" if I assign those 8 bit data stream to these ASCII letters. Is this possible you think?
  3. Hi, I have a question regarding Ones and Zeros, I assume everybody on this forum knows about binary code. But I'm interested where the binary streams are converted into real text. Let's say, I send a binary stream from my own made usb device to my computer. This binary stream contains: "001000001", this is the ASCII letter "A" (yes capital). So I'd like to know how and perhaps where the system converts "001000001" to "A". And if it might be possible to assign "001000001" to a different ASCII letter. Kindly regards, Padam
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