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  1. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Yes, now I see that my original idea was probably flawed. Maybe I will start thinking about other things that shaped human evolution. Or about anal sex, I don't know. Let's see. Cheers!
  2. Hi there. A question came to my mind another day, and I decided to ask around so that I would know whether somebody studied this topic or not. I tried google, but thought it might be easier to try a forum. Here it goes. Anal sex demands that the rectum is large enough to accommodate the penis. Because it is a so widespread practice, for example, see inmates in prisons, ordinary couples, etc., I suppose it has accompanied the human race since it beginnings. It seems, also, that that "ice man" found in Europe and that lived some 5,000 years ago had sperm in his rectum, which proves that he w
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