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  1. after a confirmation, i found that in fact lastest experiments shows that the G speed is actually C, but the reason of that we canot detect or measure isnt just that are photons with a huge wavelength, and not that complicated and almost fantastic string theory???
  2. please could you give me the right link??? i dont know if is about the relativistic gravity increase, calcule modificators or vectorial relative effects variables...., but if you are based in that "the mass of the particle) is not relative", you are pretty wrong, but i guess that is about other thing, lorents tensors are relationated with the relativistics effects on the vectorial geometry
  3. so gravity has relation with the atoms quantify and not with the mass....well, i dont think so, that "right kind" is the old determinism theory
  4. all are the right kind of mass, remember all is relative
  5. well, mass is mass, mass is gravity, not atoms quantify, so if you have a increase of mass, you have a increase of the gravity
  6. so there will be a collision for the observer, but not for the crew???
  7. i think that is clear for the observer, but also for the crew????
  8. well, the experiment is the following , 2 spaceships traveling in the same direction near the speed of the light increase its mass (and gravitational energy), so there is a attraction between these,now the attraction rate will be different for a external observer??? (by the relative increase of mass) or the gravity effects between both ships will be the same for the crew and observers??(lets imagine that both are huge mass ships and are travelling very close), so the ships will collide??? i mentioned that in other post, well, now it have a thread btw, what about this... 1-a mass that travel very,very near of C can turn in a cold star??? 2-what happens if the lenght particle that goes near C fall below uncertainly limits?? 3-what is the energy limits to turn a wave into a particle (i mean the max frecuency) 4-could we "see" the gravitons dececcelerating very heavy particles near C velocity???, actually we are adding gravitons increasing their speed??? 5-what is the velocity of the gravitatory energy, is also C??? 6-if isnt C, then the explanation could be that the gravitons are very, very low energy photons with a huge lenghtwave that can travel much faster than the light (like high frecuency energy travels slower than the standar C,, with more frecuency it has more probability to turn in a particle and in the end have muuuuuch lower speed) sooo, what you think guys....
  9. i have an theory, well suposely we travel in the time if we go faster than the light (but that isnt confirmed), well maybe if we increase our lenght wave we could make "quantum jumps", so the "space -time ship" could be an sistem that would be freezed to near 0 Kelvin and jum faster than the light.
  10. btw, in the classic "bend space " transverse jump theory, you need another dimension? or it can do with the 4 dims??? there are some physics saying that the quantum uncertainly is the evidence of alternate dimensions
  11. hmmm......,numbers and equations... forget that, the uncertainly concept is based in the wave propieties of the particles, if you take away particle energy (to know the momentum) this increase the wave behavior (position uncertainly), with lower energy levels, bigger the wave length -reducing the frecuency-, you can understand this better with an experiment, you "throw" an particle -electron- inside an pasive magnetic coil (momentum measure) pointing in an "target" (position measure), now if you want to take an measure of the momentum you use the coil, but actually you take particle energy, so this increase the wave lenght and will not very precise to hit the target, but if you want an better position certainly (to hit the target) you must not interactue with the electron (but also without any information of the real energy) btw, there is any relation with the increase of frecuency in high energized particles and the reduce of relative lenght in relativistics effects?? (near c speed) i have disscused that with friends, y want to see your opinions guys.
  12. Magnetohidrodynamic (MHD), what a name!!!! , what is the stage of this concept in the nowdays technology????, i mean, there are an MHD generator funtional in the world???, about the mhd propulsion all i know is the japanese experiment in an small ship, an the red october hunt movie , i remember reading an interesting concept in military propulsion, it used an high temperature steam jet in an helium chamber,but that experiment is reaaaaaaly old also i remember the hipotethical potasium use in the high temperature turbine gases inducing an plasma and control it with magnetic fields, so there are proyects in propulsion-generation involving MHD??????
  13. Hello, well i think that the quantical concepts at least left that possibility to travel more fast than the light, im interested about that laser experiment, anyone have some information about it?????????? You can't have information travelling faster than the speed of light. It would provide a means to violate causality by being able to 'see' things before they occur in your frame of reference Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes, thats was one of the effects in that experiment, supossely is like an time machine.
  14. Hello, an question, if two bodies at travel near of the light speed, with huge mass, there are an gravitational atraction inbetween??, since the increased mass is relative (for an observer), but for the bodies there are not relative speed????
  15. Interesting, but remember that the world works by steps (quantic packs), the atoms, light, etc.. moves instantanely (micro) betwen thats steps, in macro there the light speed, if you can enlarge the cuantical "stair", in theory you can travel more fast than the light, i dont remember well but i guess that an german experiment with lasers reach that hyperlight speed (with information).
  16. I think that the russians calls that stuffs like cold stars???, so the black hole is an black body, that gravitional distortion sucks the space???, there theorys about other universes inside the cold stars (i like that name) in fact this universe could be an cold star, but thats only speculation (like almost all the cosmology), the nature of the black hole depends if the universe is an open or close thermodynamical system????, the cold stars born in the big bang or in nova-gigant stars collapse????
  17. also that onde-particle turn electro-magnetic energy into gravitatory energy???
  18. an question about anti-matter, why the high gamma rays turns in particles, and why is anti-matter (positrons), theres any relation with the super-string theory??, theres any frecuency that limit the ondular-particle nature of the energy-mass????
  19. Thales believe one of the major problems of the tokamak is the high neurton flux which would make the walls of the housing of the generator slowly become radioactive. So in the long way the fusion makes polution???? Well for me was obvius the international political intersests when the main countries decided the construction of the international reactor, i dont remember good, but i think that the polemic was the location of the reactor, USA and japan wanted build the generator in kioto-tokio??? and the occidental europeans-russians in france?? America is still researching the laser fusion (OMEGA), the success of the tokamak could put some scientifics-politicals angry???
  20. Hello theprofet!!!, yes the tokamak have that "brutal" thermodynamical advantage, i really dont know the "plus" ot the laser tech (less energy ingnition???, maintenaicing???), anyone knows if russians or europeans are researching the laser fusion????? Also, there are not other reactor designs????
  21. Thermonuclear fusion....for some the last chance of the humanity .....well romanticism appart.... About this technology the research have taked almost 60 years without clear advances (2 seconds of “glory” !!!! and billions dollars wasted!!!!!) the investigation is in wrong way???? there are political intersests???, the fusion could destroy the petroleum monopoly??? the fusion is not important???? or simplity the tech is almost impossible??? rigth now the countries in the research are USA, russia, europe, china, india, japan, there are two reactors design the “tokamak” (using an toroidal magnetic field-high temperature plasma) and the laser –inertial reactor (using many high power lasers in an deuterium-tritium target), i show below the both sistems, what is your favorite????? ahh dont forget that cold fusion myth, it could be possible????
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