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  1. Aha, that's cool. I knew of the diving bell but wasn't aware that it functioned at high pressures. I wonder if that principle holds true at all depths of water and pressures.
  2. I was just pondering about pressure and it's effects on the body when a thought struck me: Would it be possible to very gradually increase the atmospheric pressure on a human so that they could survive in an extreme pressure environment. I imagined a situation like this: A deep sea laboratory where the pressure started at normal atmospheric levels and increased over time (weeks, months, years?) until the air pressure inside was equivalent to the water pressure outside and the subject would be able to swim in the water without a bulky dive suit. Would this be possible or does the human body have a limit to the pressure it can withstand no matter the rate of pressure change.
  3. Greetings forum, I have recently started a venture to start a home chemistry lab. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should pick up first to kick start it? I know the basics such as beakers/flasks etc. but i am open to advice as to what i should pick up in the way of standard chemicals and glassware. thanks, PDCA
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