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  1. this has happened to me, but while dreaming usually in a nightmare, about 2-3 times but I was younger, probably between 10-14 and most of times it was cause of fear like i would be dreaming that some "ghost" would come at me and i would try to run but i couldnt move , i was able to move maybe a tiiiny bit but not much and although i was standing in the dream i felt like i was laying down (so half awake?) I couldnt speak either the most that came out was like a quiet squeak, breathing was hard and movement i could barely raise my arm, this only lasted about a minute tho then i wud wake up or fall asleep fully again (and remmeber on morning) so yeah that basically happened, same sceneario about 3-5 times....
  2. you dont need your eyes lids close, you can see it too if you enter in an extremely fully dark area aswell
  3. hmm very interesting connection and the door thing I had done something similar before so I get the idea, yeah i guess it might be because of this, if only i could remember in morning to see if i can still see that or if its after a colorful day...
  4. hi i just registered because for years this question of mine has intrigued me and I don't know the answer or who to ask... Hopefully this is the right section of this forum Okay so here is my question/how to set this up. close your eyes and put your hands to cover them in order for there to be no light near so you see full darkness, dont push hard on your eyes, just covere them and sort of zone out or do not attempt to focus anything, now what i see when i do this is a bunch of dots moving across like if i was traveling and they go past me as in they come from the center and go to sides, these dots very small are by colors in a spectrum form, usually they go from like purple to blue to green, and if I try to follow one dot its rly hard as they go past... I really always wondered if im the only one who sees this and why i see it, my guess is that it has to do with possibly the cones in my eyes that have color sort of burned into it or something like that, eh so yeah anyone know what this is? thx
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