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  1. Sorry what i meant was. Once we have the solid block of coins,how do we release them from the gelatine? Ps. If we went with the block of ice in a wooden box idea. 1 Would the box burst open with the expansion of ice even if it was open top. 2 I thought of lining box with heavy plastic (to make it waterproof) and silicone mastic the inside joints. Will the sides stick to the ice when we dismatle it, and if so what can we coat the insides with to stop this problem. Thanks. Ron.
  2. Thanks for all your advice. We have 30,000 coins, i thought of building a ply box, fill it with coins top up with water & freeze. I done a small experiment with some in a small glass. We reckoned that the total weight would be 44 Stone. Gellatine idea sounds ok. How would you dissolve it again?
  3. Its for a charity stunt. We dont want to deface them. What if we filled the 25cm cube with 20p coins,& topped up with water, then froze it, i suppose that would work, and we could lift it!
  4. Ok. So they woudnt gell, but be very cold. So, is their any other method of making a solid block of coins, that you know of? Thanks.
  5. For anyone who might have the answer. If you filled a wooden box (say) 25cm cubed with 20p coins, & then poured in liquid nitrogen, would that make a solid block of coins?
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