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  1. I guess in a perfect world a hot or warm grilled cheese would be better, but I can worry about temp after I fix the soggy thing. I ordered these from amazon to play around with. http://www.amazon.com/KCH-06091-Round-Shaped-Vacuum-Sealing-Food-Storage-Containers/dp/B001A5UAK4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465044063&sr=8-1&keywords=Zevro+VS2-R-703+Vac+%27n+Save Thanks again for everybody's thoughts.
  2. You have a good memory Zapatos, wow that was a long time ago.
  3. Ok, English is my native tongue, I live in New York.....no Trump jokes please, lol. I did say this I need to get him to eat something somewhat healthy for school lunch. I want to pack him a grilled cheese sandwich or chicken nuggets and I guess it's my fault. If I wanted advice about getting my son to eat healthy foods I would have written after that sentence something like can somebody please offer some advice as to a healthy type of lunch that I can offer my son. This is a science forum in the engineering sections. Why would I come here looking for advice on what type of healthy foods I c
  4. The reason I got upset was because I asked a question about how to keep food from getting soggy in a container and many of the responses were things like " Grill cheese and chicken nugget are not healthy " It pisses me off because this went on for many comments and none of the comments pertained tot he original question. I did invite everybody here but to answer a question, and instead I was getting advice which was not asked for. I suggested using Molecular Sieve to absorb the moisture or maybe pump out the air but nobody address that. zapatos you need to think before you type. You w
  5. The subject line says my son is Autistic and my message says he is a awful eater. That should be enough. I came here with a questions looking to solve an issue and instead I get advice on how to raise my kid......really?? Either answer the question or don't .......yes it's that simple. I love getting schooled about Autism by people who don't know what they are talking about.......... Spend hours trying to teach him how to tie his shoes and still not be able to. Take him to therapy for hrs and hrs to make sure he is able to get by, including food therapy.......do a bunch of things like this and
  6. Ok, never mind guys. You are spending too much time trying to tell me how I should be helping my son with his issues. Here's the thing and I am really trying to be nice when I say you have no idea what you are talking about. Have you raised an Autistic child or do you even know one? In my case my son has food phobia's that are not going away so if you can help me with an idea then that is great. If you are planning on offering me advice on how to get my son to eat better or to tell me what a crappy parent I am then don't bother posting. Autistic children are not like a mainstream child and th
  7. Yeah, you obviously don't have an Autistic child. Many children have issues with food and eat a limited amount of food variety. Maybe instead of judging you could just offer some help.
  8. My son is an awful eater. I need to get him to eat something somewhat healthy for school lunch. I want to pack him a grilled cheese sandwich or chicken nuggets in a container without them getting all moist and gross. I was thinking maybe a container that will let me pump the air out of it once it's sealed could work or I was thinking at wrapping some Molecular Sieve to the lid on the inside of the container to absorb the moisture. Do es anybody think this will work and if not does anybody have an idea?
  9. I tried a baby diaper this weekend but it did not absorb anything. I think I might be done. It's just not going to work. Thanks again for all of the helkp and suggestions.
  10. I'm not sure I understand. Plenty of salt? Most of the time I can't even get him to put the new food into his mouth to try.
  11. Yeah we thought of that Zap but I really don't want him eating potato chips for lunch. I relize Chick nuggets and fries may not be that much better. I will keep working at it and post updates when I have them. Thanks again to everybody who is putting their 2 cents in. I really learned alot.
  12. How about just keeping the chicken nuggets warm and not wet then. Maybe I will give up on the french fries. What about Gore Tex. Do you think if I put the food in a metal container and then used a lid made of gore tex that would work?
  13. Thought I would give an update. I tried a few different methods to try and keep the fries dry and warm. I tried a Desiccant pack of clay and that did not absorb enough water. I also bought a zip lock bag that has a pump where you can pump all of the air out. I put chicken nuggets and fries in a bag and pumped the air out. It did not stay warm ( which I expected ) and it still got a little soggy and the fries did get some what flat. I then put the nuggets and fries into a thermos with no lid and then put the thermos into the zip lock bag and pumped as much air as I could out. It seems that when
  14. Wow, this thread really has taken off. Thanks for all of the replys. I have actually cooked french fries in a Microwave, they now have some silver platform in the box of fries that lets you cook them there. True they are not as good as oven cooked but they are pretty close. If I used a Desiccant pack and taped it to the inside of the lid of where the lunch is do you think that would work? Would it atleast keep the chicken nuggets dry and warm?
  15. But would the Desiccant packs work?
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