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  1. ok so i have an assignment to do in which i have to have 4 squares moving inwards at each corner of the applet screen one next to another (2 by 2) i have one of the squares working but dont know how to do the other 3 (positioning) a little help would be appreciated... this is what i have so far: import java.awt.*; public class MovingRects2 extends SimpleAnimationApplet { public void drawFrame(Graphics g){ int width; //Width of the applet, in pixels. int height; //Height of the applet, in pixels. int inset; //Gap between border of applet and a rectangle. //The inset for the outmost rectangle goes from 0 to 14 then back to //0, and so on, as the frameNumber varies. int rectWidth, rectHeight; //the size of one of the rectangles. width = getWidth(); //Find out the seize of the drawing area. height = getHeight(); g.setColor(Color.green); //Fill the frame with green g.fillRect(0, 0,width,height); g.setColor(Color.black); //Switch color to black. inset = getFrameNumber() % 15; //Get the inset for the outermost rect rectWidth = (width - 4*inset - 1)/2; //set size of outermost rect. rectHeight = (height -4*inset - 1)/2; while (rectWidth >= 0 && rectHeight >= 0){ g.drawRect(inset,inset,rectWidth,rectHeight); inset += 15; //Rects are 15 pixels apart. rectWidth -= 30; //Width decreases by 15 pixels on left and 15 on right. rectHeight -= 30; //Height decreases by 15 pixels on top and 15 on bottom. } }//end drawFrame() }//end class MovingRects
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