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  1. Sparky


    Does all life come from one common ancestor?
  2. Sparky


    To SkepticLance. So you are not going to see the movie based only on the opinion of New Scientist who automatically have a bias? Shouldn't you form your own opinions instead of letting New Scientist form them for you?
  3. Sparky


    Has anyone seen the movie Expelled? If so what are your thoughts on its impact on the debate on ID vs Darwin.
  4. All right, everyone has stated that humans come from apes. Now the 2nd question. Will modern apes evovle into Humans? If evolution is true then at some point this should happen. This might explain Bigfoot. Bigfoot could be the apes version of a Neaderthal and the reason we havn't found one yet is because they are smart enough to know what a camera is and avoid them on purpose and the reason we have not found a body is because they bury their dead.
  5. Do we really want to talk to aliens? I know people like to say that an advanced Race would be peaceful, but that may be only one race. They may be peaceful, but there could be more aggressive war-like races out there. I think that it is best if we just keep our heads down and try not to draw attintion to ourselves. Especially with we living in the United States being the strongest nation would more than likely be wiped out first as an example to the rest of the world. Think Independance Day without Will Smith being able to save us.
  6. I know this might sound stupid, but if humans decended from apes and monkeys, then why are there still apes and monkeys? Wouldn't they evolve to. If evolution is true and we did come from apes, how long will it be before the apes of today become something along the lines of the movie "Planet of the Apes"? If you think about it then it is only a matter of time before the apes of today evolve and take over the world.
  7. Even though a body has not turned up, plenty of Hair and DNA has. The problem is science will not accept this until they have a body to look at. To say there is Zero chance that one exists is extreamly narrow minded and kind of arrogant. If you believe that every large land based animal has been found then that is very sad. With thousands of square miles yet untouched by human hands how can you say with 100% certainty that Bigfoot does not exist? New animals are being discovered ever year I think it is only a matter of time before a bigfoot is found. Until then debates like this will go on forever. I still believe that Bigfoot exists and I plan on trying to prove it does. I think that most of the people posting here are a little too closed minded about this subject
  8. I think I can shed some light on the fact that the patterson video is the only one. There are several different factions in the Bigfoot hunting community, several of the like Texas Bigfoot and the BFRO have claimed to have video evidence but that they are holding on to it before so they can gather more evidence. The problem is that the Patterson Video is one of those chance encounteres and other videos do not show detail. The theory I have been told for the reason that particular Bigfoot walked slowly was that it was acting as a distraction so that other bigfoot could slip away. I've seen other videos that friends have that are good, but don't show any detail. I went to a lecture where they put up the theory that Bigfoot could be real based on Native American stories that come from every part of the United States that talk about things like the wild man. She said based on the Native American stories that Bigfoot was more than likely a real animal. My argument is that there are still vast amounts of unexplored wilderness in the United States and to say that we have found everything there is to find is rather arrogant of people. Until every inch of the Earth is explored in detail, we can not say for sure that something like a Bigfoot does not exist. At the very least everyone here must admit that there is a chance that Bigfoot does exist. If evidence is given like the Patterson Video and other pictures, then your burden is to disprove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. People researching Bigfoot have given many types of evidence and a lot of it cannot be disproven. My burden is to give enough evidence to convince you that one exists, your burden is to put my evidence to the test.
  9. The Earth has been around for billions of years and has gone though many changes. If you start off from the point of the Industrial Revolution then humans have only been polluting the planet for roughly 200 years. I don't think that in such a short time humanity could have done this much damage. For all we know this could just be a hot spell in the Earth's natural cycle and in about a hundred years we go though a new Ice Age. We can point at all this evidence about global warming, but human interferance has not been around in sufficent numbers to give a clear cut study. More comparative infomation is needed before we can say for sure that Global Warming is our fault or a natural cycle.
  10. I plan on going back in October to do just that.
  11. I've read accounts of hair being found, but unless it has an intack follicle no DNA can be found. They did compare the hair found to the hairs of local animals, humans, and apes and found that some of the samples found do not match any of those. they have found DNA sample like skin, but the DNA is degraded and inconclusive. They have multiple casts that show dermal ridges that look like those of known apes. The man that did the test says that unless someone had detailed knowlege of primate anatomy and flew across multiple parts of the United States, then the casts could not be fake. The problem is that unless a body is found, scientist will not believe in it despite all of the evidence which is circumstantial. Finding a body would be hard. Decomp happenes fairly quickly. I saw a show where a women put a dead deer in the woods and in about a month the deer was gone and the bones scattered. Assuming that the population of Bigfoot is small the chance of finding a body is low. There may be bodies, but they are so deep in the forests no one can get to them. If one does turn up I think it will be the result of a car hitting one crossing a road. Hands on research will always be better then getting the infomation from other people. You can use what those people collect, but it will always be better to see things for yourself. At some point you have to leave the comfort of you home and do some grunt work to either disprove or prove something. This is how text books are changed and Nobel Prizes won. At some point we have to stop being arm chair researchers and go out into the field and do some of these things ourselves despite what we might think.
  12. I have to say that they are real. I was in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma with some friends looking for Bigfoot. We left out bait and camera traps to see what we could get and we did calls. The camera traps came up empty and the bait left by the traps was not touched. What makes this odd is that even if there is no bigfoot, opossums, racoons, and coyotes roam the area and none of them touched it either. One of the baits we set out that was not next to a trap was a couple of hotdogs with bannas and mangos placed on top of the hotdogs. When we woke up the next day the hotdogs were gone and the fruit was pushed to the side. We found this odd because if it had been a coyote or other small mammals, they would have eaten the fruit or eaten though the fruit to get the hotdogs, not push them to the side. We used a sound that was recored by other bigfoot researches and got a reply. Growing up in the area I knew it was not coyote nor a wolf. Two of our guys said they saw one, I was walking down the road at night and saw something cross in front of me. I admit that I could not tell what it was but it was large about six feet tall which narrows it down to a deer, bear, or bigfoot. To say it is bunk mean that you don't take into account of the large number of sightings and reports in such a large area of the United States. They have reports of bigfoot in the Pacific North West, East Texas and South Eastren Oklahoma, the swamps of Louisana, the wetlands of Florida, the Ohio Valley, and the New England area. Unless there out thousands of people out there involved in a giant hoax we can not ignore all of these people. We have to keep an open mind about all of this and not just call it out right bunk. There are just too many unexplored areas to say that something like Bigfoot could not be real.
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