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  1. Oh yes I understand that electrolysis forms purer sodium, I meant best for an individual, not an industry.
  2. Would anyone happen to know the heat of formation for lithium. Also it would help if someone knew a way of determining the heat of formation of the reactants of a reaction when you only know the products.
  3. The best way is to use lye and magnesium powder but it is dangerous so it should not be attempted by an inexperienced chemist
  4. I would not say that Matter is made of light, it can be turned into light but light is also just a form of energy. The only way to know what it would really look like would be to winess the big bang. Energy is kinda like something that changed its form so many times it forgot what it originally looked like. Anyways what I'm getting at is while you can say light is pure energy, the same thing can be said for mad so you really can't go saying mass is made of light. Mad "Mass"
  5. Despite how far in the past you look, the color shift will still tell you if it accelerating and decelerating, and as for the distortions when you deal with an object as big as a galaxy it's very hard to distort all of the light, maybe small amounts of it but not all of it and thus you would still see the red shift. The only thing I could think of that would distort a whole galaxy would be a blackhole about halfway between it and the observer. Even then the blackhole would be moving so the distortion would not last long.
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