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  1. So your going to escape where? Your going to travel millions of lightyears to avoid a celestial collision? Why not visit another galaxy before we kick the bucket? Wheres your sense of adventure? No, no screw it we just sit here and watch it happen. Im glad NASA did not have the same ideas about the moon. Jumping on that train seems a pretty good idea considering the alternative. I clearly stated a few problems with human movement through the cosmos. I also clearly stated that the red giant phase of our own sun would probably do us in before we get anywhere near Andromeda. Did you even read
  2. If space bending causes gravity, would there not be an overwhelming amount of gravity in the universe? Is space not being "bent" around itself to comprise the edge of the universe? The only place I can think of that has an overwhelming amount of gravity would be a "black hole" If that was the case, would our entire universe not be comprised of one massive black hole? How do you account for the existance of light from very distant galaxies? Gravity has the ability to distort light remember? its much more plausible that gravity causes space to bend around it. Gravity is after all, in
  3. The tectonic plates move due to convection cells below the surface of the earth. These convection cells are caused due to the intense heat at the core of the Earth, and rest directly on the outer layer of the core of our planet all the way to the bottom of the crust. The molten outer layer circulates the convection cells below the surface allowing the mantle to be pushed across the surface. Without a molten outer core, there would be no plate tectonics on Earth. This is of course, a general hypothesis but can be tested off Earth. We know Jupiter has a molten outer core of liquid hydrogen b
  4. Physics is a science of explaining observation. We can only observe that which is in the visible universe. Our account of the universe is constantly changing based on discoveries and their explanations. Christianity is a religion based on human observation of what was perceived as divine intervention through God. Our ONLY account of this is the Bible. Science and religion are two completely different things. Religion sought to explain the mysteries of the universe and its methodology through the word of God. Science seeks to explain the same mysteries through observation, hypot
  5. Fantastic post, but one thing I have to ask: How can the universe be expanding without first having a reaction to cause it? Are you saying there was potentially no BB to kick it all off? Its estimated that at the exact moment of the big bang, and milliseconds afterwards the universe went from the size of an atom, to the size of Jupiter. I don't see how that could occur without a force acting upon it. That is easily defined as exponential rate of expansion. A force in motion will stay in motion, but a force at rest tends to stay at rest. A force in motion will easily stay in motion
  6. A planet cannot have a molten outer core without the surface having constantly changing plate tectonics. Earth is one of the FEW planets we know of that has a constantly changing tectonic plate. Unfortunately, the probes we sent into space to look at mars are not equipped with the proper equipment to measure if Mars still has "Marsquakes" and there is no sufficient data to prove or disprove this. Can we say the rapid cooling of the surface of Mars had nothing at all to do with its distance from the sun? I want to say there are a multitude of factors in Mars' wasteland like surface.
  7. I bolded my quote of Mars' size being its problem. Would there be a direct correlation between size, mass, and heat loss? How can mars be half the size of Earth, but only be 10% of its mass?
  8. Speed is a relative measurement based on distance covered over time. Time on Earth is relative to Earth and Earth bound objects. S=D/T D=SxT Time on other galaxies would not be the same as time here on Earth. Time (as far as we are concerned) does not move slower or faster based on your location in the universe, but ultimately depends on the mass of objects around you. More mass = slower time progression Less mass = faster time progression Mass is the determining factor of the speed at which time moves. Mass has the ability to slow the "drag" or movement of time (sl
  9. Space does not contain mass, this is correct. But the OP said how can we turn an object (assuming all objects have mass) into energy. He suggested that the stone needed to move at the speed of light in order for this to happen. That is what I was referring too.
  10. I thought an object with mass could never fully reach the speed of light?
  11. Its not the size that is causing the rapid cooling of the surface of mars, its the core of mars (thought to be completely solid) that does not flow like Earth's core. The flowing of the core is what produces the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is responsible for the condition of the water on the surface of Earth to remain. I cannot remember the term used, but theres something that says the Sun's radiation can and will degrade the properties of water. There is no atmosphere to protect the surface from solar winds, and no magnetosphere to protect the surface (that would be covered in water)
  12. Did they not used to use sheep's blood as an agar? Im seriously not a biologist, and I have not had any training in pathology.
  13. Thresholds of pain vary from organism to organism. Take for instance, the collection of nerves at a given body point. Are they exactly the same for you as they are for me? Less nerves = less pain sensory More nerves = more sensory. Take for instance, the skin on your elbow. You can grab and squeeze it as hard as you want, typically you wont feel a thing. Environmental circumstances play a roll as well. There are tribes of indigenous people who willingly accept pain, and tune it out as a rite of passage.
  14. Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase thats the order of mitosis. If you have to take a test on the information, just remember I.P.M.A.T. you wont ever forget the phase orders!
  15. The core of the Earth is the reason we have a magnetosphere, and ultimately an atmosphere. Scientists believe this to be true by comparison of earth to mars. Mars is roughly the same size as earth, has similar mass and yet, has no sustainable atmosphere, and is completely barren. if Mars had a superfluidic molten core of iron like earth, it more than likely would be a green planet of water and plant life. Seeing as this is not the case, the sun's radiation is free to ravage the surface of mars making it the barren wasteland it is today. This is thought to not always be the case. The downfa
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