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  1. What is your proposed test to verify? Do you have a craft that will allow us to journey to the center of the Earth?
  2. The problem with this generator is that eventually the buttered bread and cat will reach a point of sideways equilibrium without the force of gravity to simulate a fall. Perhaps the addition of automatic pulley system connected to the cat and buttered bread could allow for simulated drops to keep the RPM at an acceptable rate? Let me know of your results.
  3. Got most parts I'll need. Also I'm abandoning the Dipole Array configuration for the moment because I feel the results will be fairly predictable. Changing my approach to wiring the coil as sort of "wave shaping". I've decided to start my website back up to track my progress on there. Anybody interested in following it can check it out at: http://www.eirhead.com I got it set to auto-notify facebook for me, and I like keeping my friends up to date on my experiments, haha.
  4. Matter-electro-magnetic-gravitational-light force = 1 thing the general 3 dimensional direction of buddy. But the thing is, buddy travels everywhere in the universe once per moment. So his spin is influenced most heavily by other buddies who are doing a 3d spin moderately similar to him. If he's spinning perty slow, he becomes matter and his influence is stronger on people closer by (gravity). If he get's spinning up a little too fast, he becomes a wave! It can be light, electric, magnetic, or even fusion! Anyways, now buddy is flying around again, when what do we see? A star, he attracts us for awhile, then we get going so fast, and we get so close, that our forces are repelling each other so much that I just bounce right off (diamagnetism), so now I'm a cool little gamma ray - OOO AAA! Ran into a buddy, ran into another buddy, losing energy! Ionizing....... SMACK BAM we knock another buddy off of his atom and screw up his day! All those buddies looking at me sure are slowing me down (magnetic shield), annnnnnnddddd I'm radiant heat on pluto, how lonely. I'm going back to the sun, F-U guys! So buddy goes for another bounce aannnnnnDDDD this time he's a slower gamma ray, cuz his bounce wasn't an acceleration all the way from alpha centauri this time! NNNNNOOOWWWWWWWWWWWVVVVVVRRROOOOMMMMMMMMMMM Hey that's a cool green and blue planet you got there, I'm kinda like going at xray speed tho, I need a buddy to catch me! Annnnnnd LET'S MARRY AND BECOME DEUTERIUM!? Sure bra. Oh shit son - u're a dude. Well, let's find some chicks, I needa see an OO face. OOOOO OOO OO. K so anyways, buddies float out of the ocean, and marry a couple Oxygens. THE END or is it? Should also mention, time is explained by how Monsieur Star attracts Mr. Buddy
  5. I'd wager the inner core is more like 2 cores. The outer-inner being a plasma-core. Then the inner-inner being a fusion core. Then once we have enough energy of our own, we can start a diamagnetic effect with the sun and slowly float away from it =) This is all just a guess by me.
  6. 2 layers wrapped around iron core, 104 turns Operating at 2.4V, 18A, max range of 2 1/4" (43.2 Watts, heats significantly, not too hot to handle, but wouldn't leave unattended) 1 layers wrapped around 6 iron core, aligned parallel, 52 turns per core, 312 turn total Operating at 2.4V, 8.5A, max range of 4" (20.4 Watts, better power handling because of difference in turns, will need to introduce more controls into next experiment) Conclusion Although the controls could be improved, double my magnetic range with less than half power cannot be ignored. Am going to skip forward to more advanced testing next. NEXT UP Very high voltage pulse arrays. Parts to get: - 10 AWG single stranded wire - Strip old breaker box of copper bars - 0/4 AWG wire - 10KV 2300pF vacuum capacitor - 2X parabolic satellite dishes - Power Supply or transformer to charge 10KV capacitor 2 different arrays to test - Radials - Dipole Array TO DO - Engineer both array configurations to same power handling, radial array will have much longer elements. Additional Notes - Don't expect anything Earth shattering on this small of a scale, but results of an extremely high-powered EMP: - My radial array will be tuned to a specific UHF frequency, so after pulse tests, I will add a cavity, and attempt more of a single-point, short-range, UHF laser, with the addition of an oscillating power transmitter (do have readily available )
  7. Hey guys, I'm going to be building a type of coil which I believe is capable of concentrating magnetic force waves with more laser beam like precision just figured I'd start a thread on the idea. I'll post some pictures of my experimentation and maybe throw up some diagrams as I draw them. If anybody has any questions, suggestions or experience they'd like to share with me, I'll be constructing my first proof of concept in the next 2 days. My goal with the first device is to accomplish beam like characteristics in magnetic force. Here's a 0.8 Watt Electromagnet for you to look at in the mean time, it will be my point of reference when comparing efficiencies of field: Some reading: http://en.wikipedia....lectromagnetism http://en.wikipedia....ki/Phase_(waves) http://en.wikipedia....i/Dipole_magnet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helix http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2009-09/nasa-levitates-mouse
  8. I programmed a brute-force password hacker in grade 7. My school threatened to expel me if I didn't cut it out. You can PM me if you want I guess - what's the rules on these forums? You can send several thousand tcp/ip requests simultaneously if you want.
  9. Can you program a 3d model for me?
  10. OK! Now we're talking. The purpose of the animation wasn't to show any "relativity breaking". In fact the animation is as swansont stated, pulse reshaping. But remember, I'm not trying to argue the characteristics of light. The purpose of the animation was to help you visualize what it would look like if matter was breaking light speed relative to you, entering a negative time frame, then decelerating back into an observable positive timeframe. Just because we're always chasing light, doesn't mean matter can't break that speed relative to each other. I believe it's much more like the Alcubierre Metric (which is a plausible solve for relativity, it just falls a little short and I'm trying to help physicists visualize how it can be fixed) than you know. If you visualize stars as your kind of Energetic, space and time warping mediums, you will understand exactly why NASA space probe clocks decelerate as they approach the sun, accelerate as they exit the solar system, and why galaxy rotations happen the way they do! Also it should give a better understanding of lensing without resorting to dark-matter theory. It really does fall within relativity theory, you just need to allow your mind to break free of the concept that matter traveling greater than light speed relative to each other is impossible. All the while keeping relativity intact!! There is an extremely elegant way of expressing this, I'd like to work with a physicist to formulate it. Consider light more like a relative distance in time, and perception of time more like a constant. I agree that timeframes will vary! But if you deal in straight lines, the timescapes will balance after they meet in space. In order to fully understand this, a new model of the atom which can be interchanged with lightwaves and electromagnetic force needs to be birthed as well. So I don't expect for the average classically studied physicist to give me an easy time. I'm just trying to find that one open-minded guy who isn't too far lost in modern-theory. But I digress...
  11. If you even attempted to try and understand my theory, you'd understand that the entangled energy from the stars links them in a kind of gravitational/time-warp sense fixing the MOND theory and eliminating the Dark Matter theory. You assume I don't read all about these theories, when in fact I have, but have chosen to dismiss the unobservable and have instead re-understood relativity in a non-classical sense. And I have discovered, that certain misinterpretations in relativity are factors towards our current gross misunderstanding. You say it's not a theory, but go on to call it a placeholder. Really?! How is that any different??? I got a placeholder: GOD. Prove me wrong. You can't. So why don't you quit being so ignorant and accept that dark-matter is a theory. You can't just design a new element "magic" to explain what you don't understand. You can say God is responsible for our observational anomalies and you end up with the same result - Bad science.
  12. Can you keep this topic in relativity please? I don't feel as if I'm deviating from proper relativity theory. Maybe my model of the universe varies from some modern post-Einstein models? But I feel as if I remain within the laws of relativity in everything I've said thus far. Once again, I'm person B 1s = 1s. But I measure person A's 1s to = 0.999956636667624s (this number is based upon velocity difference, not energy difference, real world would be different). But person A's 1s still equals 1s to him. It's just our perception of time is relative to ▲E. So basically, Lorrentz transformation is explained in the same simplified formula. Now let's make a theoretical: You're travelling away from me at 600,000,000 m/s I view your time as -2t, and you view my time as -2t. You turn around and come back to me, at 600,000,000 m/s Now it's 2t. We meet each other on a linear path back where we started. t experienced for person A = t experience for person B. Do a circle around the world, it becomes a different story, because we're not dealing with straight lines anymore. Get what I'm trying to say? because t is constant, time travel is not possible. Slight bending of time based on ▲E? You bet your ass! But we'll all experience 1s as 1s in this equation because t is constant! Simple. It's all relativity. Now I hate theoreticals... so here's a real world test of a lightwave going so fast it goes back in time, illustrating exactly what i just said: http://rochester.edu...hotos/light.swf
  13. Well, time is a variant of ▲E so I lied. The equation already explains this.
  14. How am I allowing the speed of light to change? It's a constant silly.
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