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  1. Here are some scientific (in dutch: wetenschappelijk) articles you might find interesting: http://www.parapsy.nl/ Check the submenu as following: Informatie -> Artikelen -> Parapsychologisch.
  2. You'll also notice that these specks never seem to stay still when you try to focus on them. Floaters and spots move when your eye moves, creating the impression that they are "drifting." I'm familiar with these 'floaters' & 'drifters'. The blue dots I descriped do not behave like these: they don't float. Just appear for one or two seconds and then vanish. Also, the blue dots do not seem to be an effect of some retinal disturbance. As far as I can gather from being reflective on my own perception ...
  3. Since about 8 years ago I have been occasionally experiencing the sudden appearance of a bright blue dot in my vision. The frequency with wich it occurs also varies: sometimes I see them a few times a day, sometimes not for weeks. It is not longer present than 2 seconds and is not moving, even if my visionfield changes (= even if I look at something else). Also, they appear in different surroundings: regardless of lightintensity and coloursetting. They can appear with a background of a white wall in daylight, as well as in dark with different coloured background. I've never experienced a press
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