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  1. I have seen the same thing that all of you have been talking about, I have seen them from the age of maybe 3yrs old, I remeber first seeing them in the color of dark, I would see these as red and blue, green and purple specs they would dance "in the air" and would preform geometric patterns, as I got older and learned to manipulate energy I began to notice these lights in everything almost to the point that sometimes I belive we are looking at the fabric of reality. Has anyone ever noticed the sparkaling light tunnel when driving down the highway? Also my ability to see them has allowed me plenty of time to practice and exsperiment with them. I noticed that their frequency incresses when concentrated on, more or less when you want to see more you do. I have met a few people offline that see these and we began refering to them as energy bugs, if you would like to knoe more let me know. Thanks Matthew
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