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  1. can u add all the M values together then substitute into the EQN?
  2. ok im doing this question and i am totally lost. once again got the Q&A but no working out so i cant follow the steps to HOW they got the answer. So here it is Ammonia is produced in the Harber Process under conditions of high pressure and moderate temperture. If 13.05L of an equilibrium mix at 550'C (823K) and 200kPa presurre consists of 3.00 L of nitrogen and 9.00L of hydrogen and 1.50L of ammonia calculate teh density of (g) mixture.. im not sure where to start or what formulas to use.
  3. hello everyone i need help on a question, i have part of it done adn its correct but to get the rest it not working, this is what i have so far Propane is the major LPG constiturnt, assuming that a 17.60g sample is all propane calculate A) number of propane molecules B) number of carbon atoms C)number of hydrogen atoms propane= C3H8 A) M(c3h8)=44.09gmol-1 n=m/M = 17.09/44.09 =0.40 moles of propane n=N/6.02x10(23) N=0.40x 6.02x10(23) = 2.408x 10(23) B) n©=N/6.02x10(23) = 12.01x 6.02x10(23) = 7.23x10(24) .. the answer says
  4. i am stuck on this question and for the life of me i cant figure out how they got the answer!? here are the details i have Preparation of a diluted soultion of household ammonia in which 20.00ml of household ammonia is diluted to 100.0ml dilution 5:1 Titrating the diulted ammonia with the standardised hydrochloric acid solution. in this step 20.00ml aliquots of dilute ammonia required 24.5l ml of hydrochloric acid for equivalence n(NH3) in 20 ml =1.177 x 10-2 mol The percentage of ammonia NH3(aq) is household ammonia. Take the density of the household ammonia to be 1.08g mL-1.. t
  5. cant say i have, whats it about?
  6. im looking for FREE chemistry, physics and biology programs so i can put them on my Casio fx9860g AU graphics calculator .............dont worry not for cheating purposes, at exams/test we use supplied graphic calculators not our own. does anyone know of any good websites? or where i may get them from?? thanks
  7. here is something to think about: once you've drawn a circle, where is the beginning and where is the end? Once the universe was "born" couldn't it be like a circle? and have no start of finish? just endless corners to look around?
  8. hi ya all, thought i might see if i would get some sort of a responce here, i need a physics tutor! (yr 12 tee) ive gone back to redo my TEE and having trouble. single mum works part time and studies full time. cant offer a lot of money but maybe a home cooked meal instead? just a thought!?
  9. im not 100% sure but didn't the Dodo bird committed suicide after mating...LOL well in saying that the male committed suicide. the female do not.
  10. thank you for trying to help me , but that was too complicated for me, I've only just started physics and i have limited background in it. LOL oh and never fear i always draw diagrams ..it's the only thing i don't have trouble with but thank you again
  11. okay im doing vectors and have no idea WHAT im doing. for example: add 5.0 m north to 3.0m west.. answer 5.8m n 31 degrees west. i dont understand how they got this answer. i know it has to do with resultant. can someone show me please
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