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    studying anything to do with physics, starcraft 2/ computer games, also anything to do with maths and other technical subjects and experiments
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    harvard not finished degree
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    genetics,physics in general and chemisty in general
  1. Hmm i agree with newts, considering hypothetically and theoretically anti-matter or we could use a positron for example is considered to be travelling back in time according to some theoretical physicists.
  2. Greetings all, i'm currently working on research to do with string theory

  3. Hmm I wouldn't criticise it just yet but i agree with airbrush, for the big bang theory to be a "blip" is highly unlikely. we cannot compare a virtual particle to the universe as the theories that apply to them a different ie, the general theory of relativity and the quantum mechanics principle, as string theory would say. however this is a hypothetical view based on string theory.
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