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  1. The Republicans and Republicans cannot agree on a fiscal plan! Please can these guys get their idealogical heads out of their idealogical asses and just get on with the job they were elected to do.
  2. Quoted from The Wall Street Journal " Hostess Brands Inc., in which the government this week challenged roughly $1.8 million in bonuses proposed for senior managers under a liquidation plan the baker submitted Friday. That challenge will likely be heard by a judge soon after a last-minute mediation failed late Tuesday between Hostess management and its bakers union." Yeah thats right Rigny, its all the unions doing, the management have no interest in the $1.8 million bonus they awarded themselves for liquidationg a company in Chapter 11. The management were probably advised by Bain Capital.
  3. Maybe its time for the Mods to "have a word" The rules of the site, as far as I understand, at least require posters to engage in a reasonable level of debate.
  4. O yes I do, you are trying to "impose" for want of a better word your belief of what or how you are on me. You have no grounds to refute, or any evidence to back up your assertions. This dreamy "I" that you keep going on about exists in your head, and your head alone. I think that it is you that "dont get it" This is a science site, we examine evidence to determine if it is factual or not. Simply stating vague, misleading or dreamy opinions does not give us anything to examine or discuss, therefore you sir should go back think again.
  5. Yup, there's another crackpot posting on sfn, making no sense, offering no science and generally wasting everyones time Oh Chandra, before you say it, "I am welcome to my opinion"
  6. What is your point? We already know that the answer to the question of life the universe and everything is 42.
  7. Just because you are at ease with your feelings makes no difference to your claims. This is just another thread where the OP starts with a bizarre premise, with no evidence other than a feeling. I have a feeling you will disagree with me, but will offer no tangible evidence to refute what I say.
  8. I assume that you are a native Aboriginal Australian, or the descendant of a Convict then John. It always amazes me how the offspring of immigrants can be so hypocritical on these subjects and blame the situation on "lefty luvvies" Now you and your family are in pull up the drawbridge old chap! /rant!
  9. OK, it's wednesday, Rigney's day of truth. All through this thread he has been promising us that today will be the day that we get the "Truth" The answers to all of the questions he has been avoiding. We await.
  10. MigL, so there was a Pope (or a Bishop) of Rome 450 years Before Christ?? Are you a Mormon? Dont tell me Christian forces were around in Rome before Christ as well as the USA? I dont think Attilla was from the Eastern Steppes either Are they not are Asia? I thought he was more this side of the Urals? I'm just kidding I'm sure you mean A.D. But your example is painfully inadequate, you can counterbalance such a weak argument with, The First Crusade, the Second Crusade, the Third Crusade, The German peasants war, Cromwells conquest of ireland, The thirty years war between the Holy Roman Empire and the Hapsburgs. All of the anti Islamists should take note here, all these quoted wars were waged by Christian forces!
  11. Ahh Rigneys understanding of the world outside the US of A shows itself again. Although it is deeply sad to have to witness such vile atrocities committed by religiously motivated, and misguided individuals, their actions in no way represent the views and attitudes of the greater population in their countries. I suppose the same could be said of David Koresh.
  12. Bless you Rigney, you have a woeful grasp of the facts. May I suggest that in the absence of more detailed information you take a look at the house of windsor using Wikipedia, it may not be 100% accurate but you really neeed to stop shouting about and drawing attention to your ignorance on here. You know if this is the best the US has to offer George Washington must be spinning in his grave.
  13. Well, of course this is not entirely accurate. Much of the old testament was written in the Hebrew of the time, and some was written in Aramaic. The new was a sort of Greek which was not considered classical, and that is the point, if we cannot even agree in which language the original texts were in how on earth can we agree on the interpretation of the translations. I'm sure that you must be aware that scholars of today are still trying to decipher the meaning of the dead sea scrolls, discovered many years ago. Lets face it, the Bible is not one book, its a collection of Political manifestos from a long time ago, the meanings have been interpreted, corrupted, reinterpreted and screened to give a carefully managed message which used to have a lot of relevance to the society it controlled, but that time passed a long time ago.
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