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    I've always been good at science , i would always know more then everyone in my class, and my teachers would always wonder how i get A's when i don't even take notes =)


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  1. I've read somewhere that when you add a little magnese dioxide (easily obtained from an alkaline battery) and mix it with hydrogen peroxide it flash boils (but isn't hot ?) (low boiling point) and then a bi-product simply black staining peroxide.
  2. no, my chemistry is not that good ; but i wish to make it better , i am requesting to get placed in chemistry classe as well as my current "earth science" class , in school. im only doing this because earth science is so incredibly simple, i don't take notes or pay attention and i still get an A. Hydrogen Chloride HCl Slowly add concentrated sulfuric acid to solid sodium chloride. [ce]2NaCl + H2SO4 --> Na2SO4 + 2HCl[/ce]
  3. i know that , but will their be other bi-products? if so what will they be?
  4. so i would need to factor in chlorine as well?
  5. ok, so should i concentrate it then? take the drain cleaner to boiling so it boils away the water and other impurity's? and then try to make it react with zinc for hydrogen? what other bi-products will be made along with hydrogen when the 2 react?
  6. ok, you can correct me if im wrong here i go. Household drain cleaner usually has a 90-94% sulfuric acid content, the rest is some water, i dilute the sulfuric acid making it a stronger acid. dilute sulfuric acid reacts with Zinc making one bi-product Hydrogen, so if i was to have a balloon over the zinc, when i pour the dilute sulfuric acid on it, will it not make the balloon fill?
  7. what ratios of sodium acetate and sulfuric acid do i need to make hydrochloric acid? im asking so i can run an experiment on different metals. and what should i use to contain the hydrochloric acid once i am finished? thanks , alf
  8. at first i thought u meant how does it react with a regular battery (like alkaline)
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