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  1. Hi, Just having an issue with making up a solution and don't trust myself that i am doing it properly! My protocol says that i need to prepare 0.05M Tris HCL buffer PH 7.4, containing 1.0M NACL, 20mM EDTA, 1mM PMSF. I need to make 3ml in total. I have 1M stock solution of Tris HCL buffer PH 7.4, and EDTA, NACL, and PMSF in solid form. I am thinking that I probably do not need the NACL as its purpose was probably to adjust the PH to the desired level but as mine is already at 7.4 i might not need it. Does anybody know the right quantities to make up this solution or can offer any advice in this area i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Siobhan
  2. Hi everyone! i am new to the whole biochemistry world and am attempting to extract collagen from arterial tissue. I have all the protocols in place and the techniques researched the only thing i am missing is the understanding as to what i am actually doing!! i was hoping somebody might be able to provide me with a link to some literature explaining how each type of soluble collage i.e. salt, acid and pepsin are actually extracted on a molecular level? Is it the bonds that are destroyed?? Also does any body know if there as a direct link between the differt types of soluble collagen and the mechanical properties of arterial tissue i.e. strength, stiffness etc. Hope somebody can point me in the right direction cannot find any literature that is simplified enough to just explain it in a straight forward manner! Thanks!
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