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  1. The progress report as the comiler and linker build the project will probably be different. The size of the executable will probably be different too. The machine code instructions might/probably be different too, different compilers sometimes do things differently.
  2. It depends what programming language is used. I can compile C, C++, Smalltalk and Visual Basic Open Source projects but no others. http://www.opensource.org/ http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/trove_list.php
  3. I assume I'm the problem and you're referring to the fact that I'm solving everyone's problems by leaving because I sometimes struggle comprehending something, which makes me a fool. Or when I do understand something and try to help someone I'm being smug. What is the point in having public forums if people aren't allowed to be foolish enough to ask questions?? If you want my opinion.. I'd be a bigger fool for not asking in the first place!!
  4. Nice articulate way of publicly debunking someones ideas.
  5. You just come bursting into a thread and make a one word post containing "What?" with no reference to what you're asking for clarification about so for a laugh I make a reply that makes about as much sense as your post did.. Now you come along and accuse me of being a fool. I suppose you're right, I suppose I am a fool but you're the guy that I'm talking about above. BTW would you do me a really big favour please, go and find a really big nasty bloke and ask him if he understands all this, when he says no call him a fool so he can kick the shit out of you for me.
  6. Forget about people observing things. Regardless of whether anyone can see an object or not it is still where it is in relation to everything else at any one given moment in time. If there's a tree falling in a forest right now and there's no one there to see or hear it, it's still falling to the floor right now. I fully understand that if you were on Venus that Mars will appear to be in a different place to us on Earth but that's only where it appears to be. What if we discovered how to create wormholes?? Say we could direct a wormhole instantaniously to any place on any planet, we wouldn't be interested in where it appears to be now we'd be interested in where it physically is right now when we open the wormhole.
  7. Have you ever tried self hypnosis?? I work nights and the daytime noises either physically increased or I just started noticing them a few months ago, I also suffer from tinnitus which got worse, leaving me thinking it was stress caused by my financial situation that's still not resolved. So I turned to self hypnosis and cured myself. I can now sleep for hours on end through the daytime and I can hardly hear my tinnitus. I put myself in a mild trance and keep telling my sub conscious "That noise is background noise, there's nothing I can do about it, it's totally out of my control so I might as well ignore it and get on with the task at hand." Think about when you were last at home or in a pub and you're involved in a deeply engrossing conversation with someone, don't notice what's being said on the TV or if you're in a pub you ignore the noise around you. It just becomes background noise that you ignore. And to get into that trance here's a very simple exercise you can all do. I'll assume there's some background noise in the room you're in right now, I've got the fans in my PC whirring away right now. Find a similar sound and listen to it for a while.. Now sit back, close your eyes and relax for a while, spend a minute or two thinking about a time when you were having an engrossing conversation with someone and there was a lot of noise around you but you ignored the noise and carried on... Think about the last great film you watched or some other meaningful experience, rerun your memories of all that. When you come to the end of the memory you should notice you weren't paying any attention to the noise you were listening to at the start. It isn't difficult once you realise just how easy it is because our brains are doing it all the time for us. The trick is to control when it does it for us. It won't work for everyone because there may be other underlying reasons like a traumatic event from your past and your sub conscious is increasing the background events but it should work for a lot of people.
  8. Nicely phrased... Since you're incapable of explaining something to me with that scenario, I'll do something clever and rephrase it then. At this very moment in time, right now (as I type this) you're where you are, I'm where I am, Mars is where it is, etc... It might not be relevent to where everything else is and that now is my now and not your now because when you read this everything will have moved but everything was still at the position and in the same state for everyone. You were still where you where and I was still where I was.
  9. So if you froze time for the entire universe NOW so everything stopped and went to visit everywhere/thing the position and states of those things will have changed, even though time for the entire universe was frozen??
  10. I don't understand what you're confused about YT... From my point of view when you shoot my melon. Cause - your itchy trigger finger. Effects - I see a flash from your gun, then my melon exploding along with a splosh sound, then the sound of the gun shot. From your point of view you see the flash and hear the bang then see my melon exploding (and a splosh, if you've got good hearing). I know that's rudimentary but what's there to cock up??
  11. The clocks on satellites have to compensate for time dilation. This might help mrbc19 http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showpost.php?p=121168&postcount=21
  12. I was using square wheels as metaphors for going right back to the start with each generation so they have to learn through the same mistakes we did. And you're right, it is 1,000 times better to tell everyone why square wheels don't work instead of just telling them they don't work. So it's better to prevent kids bullying each other by telling them why it's wrong and alter their behaviour rather than forcing them figure it out for themselves.
  13. I'd like to see a list of negative behaviour patterns. Is fear a negative behaviour?? I'm afraid of public speaking, obviously that's negative. I'm also afraid of being eaten by sharks, falling off cliffs, being shot by criminals etc... I believe those to be positive behaviour patterns all based on fear. So you can't block fear completely. Is attraction is a positve behaviour?? Obviously it is because I'm attracted to the opposite sex. Being "gay" wouldn't be negative because that would mean I'm attracted to the same sex and still a positive behaviour because I don't end up growing old all alone... But I'm attracted to cigarettes, this is a negative behaviour.. I don't see how a chemical additive to my brain could be clever enough to figure out which is positive and which is negative. I'm a smoker, obviously I'm clever enough to realise how insane that behaviour is but I still smoke. I can understand some of Einsteins theories and I still can't decide which is negative and positive.... IMO it would be better to increase rational thought processes so people could think clearer and see what is negative and positive behaviour.
  14. So it's better for every generation to go back to looking at their square wheels and wondering why they don't work quite like they expected?? We've learned from our mistakes, why can't we teach our children the knowledge we've gained from those mistakes?? If we can do it with things from square wheels being wrong up to murder being wrong why can we not do it with the things inbetween... There's no way around the fact that in teaching our children to stand up to bullies themselves that there's a chance there could be serious consequences for those children. If myself and a group of neighbours approached the scrotes (technical term for nasty scum bag type people ) who live down the street and we all force them to move home, I wouldn't be surprised if those scrotes took it upon themselves to seek vengence, petrol bombing those who forced them to move... Taking that action against those scrotes is a gamble over whether they will seek vengence or not. I can remove that gamble from the equation by reporting them to the authorities and getting them sorted out that way. With no come back to myself or my property. If I decide to take that action then it's my decision, it's my property and my life I'm gambling with. You're telling your kids to go and stand up to bullies themselves. So you're willing to let your kids take a gamble on whether they'll get picked on even more after standing up to them, what if that involves them getting stabbed or beaten severely?? Isn't it more sensible to tell them the right way to report the bullies to the teachers so there's no chance of any come back to them??
  15. So we can say system X will be too expensive' date=' even though we've no idea how expensive will be in 50 or 100 years time. Come on YT, delve into that pool of knowledge I know you have and look for another work force that we'll probably have in 50 to 100 years, a work force that will work for free...
  16. And how much will we have to pay these people to build these shield systems that we have no idea how much the parts will even cost when we're flying about out there amongst the stars. For all any of us know it might only cost 500 quid (of todays money) to make an all purpose electromagnetic energy shield system. We are discussing potential shield systems not the cost. Are you certain people refuse to work for free and always will refuse to work for free?? If you are, then get us the lottery numbers for next week whilst you're "out there".
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