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  1. I think its optical. they just use the word quantum like tv manufactures use plasma
  2. http://atomchip.com/_wsn/page4.html
  3. Ok i don't agree with all you guys this is not normal dust I have olny seen this dust in electronics. I found some in the optical drive of an xboxas well as a stero and tv. It seems to be different each time sometimes you need a steel brush to remove sometimes a tooth brush ll do it. I have also seen electronics with loads of dust but nothing brown.
  4. I belive it is comming from the PSU the fan may be dammaged. A good temporary fix is to clean everything (Wearing a mask that stuff really gets into the air and ur lungs).
  5. Whenever I try to name a folder starting with a dot I get an error msg saying I need to name the file.
  6. Ah great I didn't think about ushig a hidden folder. Thanks. Ok I'm not sure how to make a file hidden and how to access it once it is tho.
  7. Edward

    CNR slot.

    OK I'm unsure what it is. Tried Google and only got 1-2 relevant yet unspesfic results. The abbvreation stands foe Communications Networking raiser
  8. Ok thanks. I have found a temporary solution. a zipped folder in a password protected zipped folder. But I'm still looking for something easyer to work with. P.S. when windows password protects a zipped folder is it encripted?
  9. I recently bought a USB flash drive. I want to have a folder with sensitive files that I don't want people to be able to see without a password. I also want to access those files without installing software on the computer accessing them. I tried using password protected zipped folders but I could still brows the folder and look at the file types and names. Is there a simple and free way to do this? I am willing to have software installed onto the flash drive to be able to access the secure files. Any Ideas?
  10. Sorry for wasting space but im sure some people here will appreciate this link read 5 posts down. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?FN=wow-realm-cenarioncircle&T=145812&P=1
  11. I have a PII with win 98 installed and it wont run in a graphics mode higher than 640x480 16 bit. I have tried different video cards that are capable of running at high graphics modes but they wont go into those modes when installed in this computer. What can I do? I'm not sure if it is software or hardware problem. I'm going to install XP and see if I can use the better modes but till then any ideas why I'm having these problems?
  12. I looked at futureshop.ca sourcecc.ca tigerdirect.ca and staples.ca. There was one at one of them that was 18.00$ but that didn't look to be of good quality.
  13. Ok I'm looking for the cheapest way to do this and after looking at different vendors I can see that switchs cost just as much as routers. From what I have read on these threads Switchs should cost significantly less than routers.
  14. OK so where can I get a tutorial for this? Installing Linux. Installing a FTP host and then configuring. I have never used anything but windows.
  15. Wait now I'm confused dont I need a router? What EXACTLY do i need to share internet connection? Caus a router costs 50 $ can
  16. Ok I doubt you know this but will Linuk support my video card? 4 MB Diamond Stealth 2 S220
  17. Yeah I was thinking that. Thing is I'm a lil short on cash. And when I do upgrade my network with a hub/swhich it will be wireless. Can it be done. P.S. I'm using windows XP.
  18. Simple situation and as a solution I want to buy a second NIC and a cross over cable for one of the computers. Will this setup work?
  19. Simple question I have a: PII 233 160 MB ram 4 MB Diamond Stealth 2 S220 Vid card 3 GB HD 120 GB HD 24X CD Reader 3.5 Inch Floppy Because of the video card I cant run win xp unless I'm really lucky. So can I set up this computer so that I can acces files on the HD using IE as a FTP client? To mod I'm sorry this is in the wrong setion it belongs in Computer Help.
  20. I have a compaq PIII desktop computer with two HDs a FD and a CD drive installed. I needed to format another HD so I uninstalled the CD drive and replaced it with the other HD and ran FDisk from a floppy on the other HD. Then Uninstalled the other HD and reinstalled the CD drive. Now I cant boot from my original HD and once the BIOS fails other boot options I get Non-System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready _ I have checked the boot order and there arent any prioblems there and I don't know what I should do. Any ideas?
  21. I have encountered floppy drives that do no have multipole magnets the motor looks like a lin but in a circle which spins a disk in turn spinning the floppy.
  22. From what I understand a chamber as depicted in DBZ cannot be built (I was actually a modified spaceship where the gravity generator was imporved) If you want to learn more about artifical gravity look at topics discussing star trec because artifical gravity is discussed often by treckies. I don't think the human body would have problems adapting to high Gs but if a human who lived most of his life in a 10 G enviroment went to 1 G I woulden't be surprised if there were problems just like astronauts have in a ) G enviroment.
  23. Thats not what I meant... It is used to see what a building would look like before it is built.
  24. VR technoligy is also used in architecture.
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