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  1. Thank you for the helpful links, everyone. I've also found some PDFs that various professors put online, detailing the prerequisite knowledge for precalc/calc, with some sample problems. Those will be my goal, and so I think I'm set on learning materials for mathematics. Again, thanks so much! I'm also looking for something similar on the prerequisite knowledge for a university freshman biology or chemistry class. Does anyone have a good idea about where my knowledge in these subjects should be at before I attempt the class? This site that Klaynos linked is pretty good (http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/websites/16/site/science.shtml) If I know the biology/chemistry/physics information in that link, will I be ready to begin college coursework in biology/chemistry? The science videos on Khan academy and academic earth (which are great websites, btw) seem geared toward a college student to begin with. I just want to make sure I have the prerequisite knowledge down first, thanks.
  2. Thanks Klaynos. I appreciate the links. I'll check them out
  3. I'm getting older, and an opportunity to return to school has presented itself. But I'm worried that my math and science skills aren't up to par. I did very well in high school, but it's been a long time. I've forgotten basic things—very basic things; so basic it's embarrassing. After briefly researching these things online, I began picking them up again fairly quickly and it's like I never forgot them at all. But I still need some help. Can you guys recommend any websites or books that offer a crash course refresher in mathematics? Science? I just need to get to freshman level - I'll have to take precalculus/calculus, as well as biology and chemistry, and I don't want to feel completely out of my element. I suspect that once I begin studying it'll all come back to me. I'm just not entirely sure where I should begin—I took a bad turn in my life when I failed to take college seriously the first time, and now I want to honor my new opportunity and correct my mistakes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TL;DR - I'm old(ish) and need you to recommend learning materials. I must (re)learn the prerequisite knowledge for college freshman level pre-calc/calc, biology, and chemistry. Websites or books would be helpful. Got about 5 months.
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