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  1. I have made up my mind on biomedical engineering thanks for your answers But I still need your opinion on one more thing: what do you think about the whole major/minor in BME? I am asking this question because i am entering a french university, and the system is totally different from the american system. There are no classes that you choose and all that... The degree comes as it is, you can't skip credits or choose different ones in order to graduate. So there is no such a thing as minor/major. It's a degree. And the BME degree is undergraduate. For graduate degrees i can go into tissue engineering, genetic engineering... as a masters degree. And I've seen that in the important universities such as McGill and MIT, the BME is a minor for other engineering majors... What do you think about that?
  2. So now I am in my senior year in high school and I have pretty good grades (I can make it in both majors), but I am not quite sure of what to major in... I have 2 things in mind right now: pharmacy and biomedical engineering People who actually told my pharmacy is a good major for later on, were actually from an older generation (50-60 yrs old). the ones who thought engineering in general (not necessarily biomedical) were in their 20s-30s. That's why i've come here to ask your opinion, the opinion of people who majored in one of those areas, and your thoughts about each one, as well as the working fields. I would prefer to know about the situation on a global scale because i am not in the US or Europe. But all answers are welcome.
  3. i don't get this system: when do I pass from being a lepton to a quark to whatever is next? and can I change it to what I want? thx
  4. i dont know if it also works with buccal swabs but it does work with onions: in a pestle and mortar, bash the cells with some rock salt (just a little bit). then, strain the mixture with a cloth, and add ethanol to the extracted liquid. a white filament should appear. it's dna
  5. face symmetry is probably related to the development gene, and how/when they are expressed. there are however features considered "ugly" in the general society but that isn't much of a factor. you see, there are ugly people who have beautiful children and beautiful couples that have ugly ones...
  6. It's a double reaction: the first one, the caralyst is no longer there and it's elements are in the product the second one, the products containing the elements of the catalyst react again and the catalyst is back, intact.
  7. It was sulfuric acid (concentrated) that I had to pour into a very narrow container WITHOUT ANY GLOVES. My lab partner didn't dare to do it so I did. And we needed to do this in 3 experiments... :S
  8. Do you think soda would do the trick? PS: I know this question is out of context but can I ask you this: What did you major in? because I am really interested in chemistry but I don't want to go into chemistry alone (I'm thinking about PharmD now and I'm still not sure). And it says that you are a chemistry expert, and you always anwser the questions I post here. Thank you
  9. What the hell does science have to do with Christianity?! Science is just a generalization of specific events, it's just rules for things that happen every day, like when you throw a ball or make statistics... sometimes it's only theories that are false, and other times it's things that are true. It has nothing to do with religion. Maybe getting sucked into it and caring about nothing else takes you far from your religious side but other than that there's nothing to it. Personally, I think that science is just human beings discovering how this world works. And technology, it's just making everyday life easier. I mean, even if you don't like it, you need it, or else you will get behind all the others. Technology began in the perspective of making life easier, but it's gotten too far where companies try to surpass others and innovate only for financial profit (in terms of robots replacing humans and such). But when technology is beneficial for you, then why not. Let's not get carried away and insulting others based on prejudice and lack of information.
  10. I just saw in my chemistry book this equation: H2O2 +2I− + 2H+---> 2H2O + I2 My question is: If I put table salt (NaCl + KI) in water with some lemon juice/vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, could I get an iodine solution? (of course still containing some of the vingar/juice and Na+, Cl- and K+) Or would I get something else? Or even nothing at all? I would have tried it myself but the hydrogen peroxide I have is old so it's basically water now. Thanks!!
  11. So what major do you recommend to start with? Is PharmD good in this situation? And how long would it take to get to the PhD? Thanks.
  12. Not having received many answers, I'd like to ask whether pharmaceuticals are a good field or not. Will it grow in the future?<BR>And is PharmD a good major? <BR>I'm not in the US, so it would be preferable that you tell me about the situation in Europe and the UAE. However, all answers are welcome.<BR>Thanks!
  13. Like you just said, you want to have a backup plan involving business... I don't think a science major (that is not very general) would hold you back. You see, anyone can do business not just business majors. It's quite easy, you just need a sense of management and numbers, statistics... If you could pull it off in a science major, you would probably succeed in business without the major. You could maybe need some advisors or something like that.
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