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  1. Okay then. How does Arsenic become Krypton 81 through neutron absorption then?
  2. That's strange then. I'll have to ask my teacher about this then. And while I'm at it, why is organic mercury toxic, but inorganic mercury is not?
  3. I have the following electron configurations: Beryllium: Br=[He]2s2 Mercury: Hg=[Xe]6s24f145d10 Barium: Ba=[Xe]6s2 Cadmium: Cd=[Kr]5s24d10 Copper: Cu=[Ar]4s23d9 Lead: Pb=[Xe]6s24f145d106p2 Manganese: Mn=[Ar]4s23d5 Nickel: Ni=[Ar]4s23d8 Strontium: Sr=[Kr]5s2 Tin: Sn=[Kr]5s24d105p2 Vanadium: V=[Ar]4s23d3 Zinc: Zn=[Ar]4s23d10 Antimony: Sb=[Kr]5s24d105p3 Arsenic: As=[Ar]4s23d104p3 How do I predict, or construct a theory, as to why they are toxic based on these configurations?
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