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  1. Tank you for this post and this link, yes it must rain or have a good dew for a corona effect on a pylon tip, also the direction of the wind can harm for other means as for example radio astronomy, all electric signals in Earth's atmosphere has its advantages and disadvantages, we must pay attention to all these electric signals! I hope that research in these areas will stil yield good results!
  2. I would like to point out that in a conference of the cassiopee Astronomy club, Yolande Coté (maybe) asked radio astronomer Pierre Laporte if his radio astronomy equipement coud detect earthquaques, i can't remember his answer, then i pointed out that i think it is possible because geologists have already detected crown effects before an earthquaques. I hope this idea will be tested if it has never been!
  3. It sounds like radio astronomy, maybe! Very good idea, Thank you! Reference; (Jansky's Antenna) https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radioastronomie#/media:JanskyatAntenna_hi.tif http://public.nrao.edu/gallery/jansky-antenna-replica/
  4. Very good idea, thank you, maybe i had never seen your comment! The link no longueur woks for me, i include the link from my web site; http://www3.sympatico.ca/pierrejsavard/predicting_earthquaques_thanks_to_the_corona.pdf
  5. I downloaded the article whose title is: Air ionization at rock surfaces and pre-earthquake signals Here is the web address of this article(abstract): http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364682609001837 A disturbance of the ionosphere has been recording 13 hours(overnight) before a earthquaque, but were also several small store several days in advance(see Figure 11).
  6. It is very important to know our atmosphere, not only for weather, climate research and telecommunications , but also for geophysicist that study earthquake, by example, before a major earthquake the air becomes ionized, but storms and auroras also contributes to the ionized air and i hope that in the future wil be better understood and taught to the general public.
  7. Salute; the pdf is not to me, i found it in internet research, i show it for said that there are scientists that are see it (corona), the attach files is translated from French text, the pdf is write in French and i wanted to show it to you, i am a French Canadian(from Québec city, Québec, Canada) and i write badly in English, i have had help for google translate, excuse me if it is badly translate, I do not know How far advance it wil be( the earthquaques), but it wil be before and in the same time than ionizated air, the author that i have cited, surely know it.
  8. If there are not storm nor aurora but there are corona on tower summit, this can be before a eartquaques, i have found a pdf for details for it, here i give details and also a exemple for corona on électric tower: predicting_earthquaques_thanks_to_the_corona.pdf
  9. Good end of day; Cosmic Acceleration is a repulsive gravitational, it is coherent with Newton third law. In galaxies cluster, gravity lead there but not between hight galaxies cluster, because repulsive gravity lead there. For me the best explanation is the growth rate of cosmic structure, for this subject there is many articles in Cornell University Library(arxiv.org), for instance; The Wiggle Z Dark Energy Survey: The Growth Rate of Cosmic Structure Thank of your attention and your interest
  10. Good end of day; No need to understand 'Dark Matter' halos , at least for our galaxy and the Messier 33 galaxy, because if we correct use the gravitationnal law, we do not need Dark Matter for explain what we observe(galactic rotation curve). Outside of our galaxy and outside of some else other, i do not know. All calculate is only for galactic bulb and disk, and for variable density for the disk, then take all this contributions . I reply and démontrate it to bwalter1 for his topic: Dark matter and time? Here his topic and my reply: http://www.sciencefo...dark-matter-and-time/
  11. Good end of day; Iknow now thar there is not obviousness for dark matter in our galaxy, nor for Messier 33, because a i study and verify the gravitationnal law for these galaxy, for out of these galaxy, i do not know. For the explanation: explanation_of_the_galactic_rotation_curve2.pdf For demonstrations al other: explanation_of_the_galacti_rotation_curve.pdf Here the M33 rotation curve:
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