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  1. first, i dont post alot, i just like to read. i havent gone to college so please dont bash to hard i do think this is an excellent idea. i always imagined a giant sphere filled with tubes. each tube is a verion of what could be. since matter is neither created or destroyed there can only be a finite number of tubes and versions. each choice you make, the opposite is being made in another tube. to add to this, what if the walls of each tube was actually C . if by jumping to C+.0000001 would this allow you to start crossing through different tubes? i understand you cant accel to C but maybe a quick instant jump. slowing down would be a problem also but this is all in my little mind.
  2. i know we cant reach c. maybe the solution is finding a way around it. there are still alot of unknowns that can lead to these advances. if our ancestors are being bomb barded with tachyons...if going above c you cant slow down to less c. so they wouldnt ever stop going through -n. sorrry this is not well thought out post, taking the wife away for the weekend and she wont stop talking about dresses rotfl.
  3. crAckZ


    i too am interested in both lsd and "silo". i am ultradian bipolar and if i use either one of these once every 2 months i am perfectly fine. to me its better than taking the cocktail of drugs my docs want me too take. (i am by no means saying too try this nor do i condone it). my question is i thought i read somewhere that introducing tatric acid into the substrate would make the shrooms more potent. wouldnt you have to modify the ph?
  4. i see what nos is saying. dont know if you can have that sort of endless power though. thought you couldnt make more power than you use. good idea to play with though. i always thought t=C+.000(repeating)1 thats why tacheons (if they exist) travel in negetive time. my spaceship idea was to have just one giant pulse of energy for an instant accel to the desired speed. but you would be a pile of mush.
  5. thank you for that explanation. back when i was in high school i asked my physics teacher that and after flipping through some of his books he just brushed me off.
  6. going to have to pick that one up. congrats.
  7. http://physicsweb.org/article/news/4/7/8/1 if you travel at 1/2 C in one direction and your friend does the same in the opposite, if you look out the window as you pass will it appear that you are traveling at C?
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