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  1. is he really that influential?.... is he really the pre-eminent string theorist how do other top notch theorists like sylvester gates, nathan seiberg, and juan maldacena etc.etc. compare to him
  2. grigori pearlman did solve/prove the pointcare conjecture, which im sure alot of top mathematicians thought wasn't going to happen in a long time, so anything is possible
  3. P Versus NP Hodge Conjecture Poincare Conjecture Reimann Hypothesis Yang-Milis existence and mass gap Navier-Stokes existence and smoothness Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture (which i thought was already proved) so far the only 1 that was solved is Poincare Conjecture by Gregori Pearlman..... what are the chances of some genius mathematician or mathematicians solving the other ones
  4. in your opinion who is your top 5 living chemist in the world based on intellect, and impact... they have to be living
  5. i been looking up all these great chemist recently... and when i look at there groups, the people they work with the undergrads and the post-doctoral guys... there mostly asian, indian and white.... i rarely ever see a black chemist in these groups working for the big time guys
  6. i don't want to start a fight between physicist and chemist on this board, but with your best, as non-bias as you can, answer what is more beneficial to mankind... Chemistry or Physics
  7. in your opinion, who is the best chemist alive.. right now
  8. SORRY WRONG FORUM... i will advise my question.. to this who is the best geologist in the world currently in your opinion
  9. in your opinion... who are some of the world leading figures when it comes to biomedical research
  10. In your opinion, who are some of the top 5 mathematicians, currently
  11. who are some the top world-renowned leading figures in physics, currently
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