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  1. Hello. Would it be possible to create a simulator along the lines of a skydiving simulator, in the shape of a horizontal tunnel...that someone could run and jump into and the wind from below would keep them afloat and their momentum would propel them to the opposite side... flying like superman? Thank You Charles B
  2. Hello. If a magnet can hold 150 lbs of metal, will it repel a magnet with the same force when placing like poles towards each other? Thank you. Charles B
  3. I'm probably not using the correct words... hence "stupid". It's not a wind powered generator. Let's say I have an endless but not constant amount of force... not wind though. Enough to create movement of some kind. How can I figure out if this force can create enough movement to be worth harnessing? Can I just use the wind turbine formulas? Thank you. Charles B
  4. Hello. At what average speed would a turbine have to continually operate in order to power a household's average daily electricity usage? Is there a formula I could use to figure this out? Thank you. Charles B "Stupid"
  5. What if the tubes were in a "U" shape and the water started from the top of one side... would gravity and the spinning tube be able to move the water?
  6. If a tube with spiral cut inner walls was filled with water and another tube of a smaller diameter with a spiral cut outer wall was placed inside the tube, but not touching the inner walls of the larger tube, and then spun... would the spinning water be able to move upward... against gravity?
  7. A drill pump uses rubber flanges to create suction in order to draw water into it, through a garden hose and then expel it. It is a simple design but the friction caused by it being airtight makes it extremely hard to turn. If I used a smaller diameter hose, would it need less suction to draw and expel the water?
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