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  1. Never heard of that idea before, but it sounds interresting indeed. From what I heard they also make a big effort researching on enzymes. But I see pros and cons on both aspects. The virus idea would only work if you could create af virus, that would match the genetic code of the cancer cell involved. So you would have to develop many different types of virus depending on the cancer cells. If anybody know how this works more probably I would await your answer with eagerness!
  2. From my understanding QE dosen't violate SR? Entanglement can occur let's say between 2 electrons in different parts of the universe, but in that moment when you make a change or meassure one of the electrons, the other one will "feel" the change/measurement - but that information is not transported across the univers in an instant, if it was it would violate SR, instead it just happens, as mentioned like some sort of teleportation. By doing so, SR remains unviolated. Correct me if I'm wrong, been away from this forum for a couple of months - studying math and physics no kidding all day long But QE comes later in my studies, so any input would be appriciated.
  3. Inow - GREAT link, I will begin right away!
  4. Snail: One question to your equation (probably a dumb question) But why this: 90 degrees - 100 degrees = -10 so... = 50 cos(-10) + 50 sin(-10) = 49.24 - 8.68 Why minus 90 from 100 degrees, is that because north was 90 degrees?
  5. Well there are some hormones that could do the trick. Not the whole way but could probably help a little - but don't do it, and here is why. You are only 15, a male's body is fully developed when it is 25 - so you still got 10 more years to grow in. Doing something at this point would only make it dangerous and rather stupid. As a nutritionist I can only advice you to eat healthy if you want to grow, get your 8-9 hours of sleep and in general have a healthy lifestile! Exercising is also good for your body! If you are still not convinced, watch a few documentaries regarding when small people (e.g. dwarfs) try to get taller - that is nasty what they are doing!!
  6. I know I'm a little late for this thread, but I did a little poking around before posting. First of all the talk about the air is damaging our body. True that e.g. the free radicals have a negative effect on our body. Some posts suggested earlier that it was possible to prolong the life of some worms if the air didn't do any damage. The problem to this is, that if it was possible to "clean" the air, so it will have no negative effect on our body, should we all then live in small rooms or walk around wearing spacesuits, so we can live longer? Probably not, because we can't clean all the air on this planet. But even if we can't live 24 hours with air, which does not damage our body, then maybe we can some of the time. Humans sleep about 8 hours a day, 33% of our lives, so what if it was possible to create a non toxic environment when we were sleeping? Saying a small bedroom with super clean air. Even though we could't be in that environment the whole day, then we, as humans, would surely gain a possitive effect from that This is of course all in theory, but I'm sure that with the current technology we have, it would be possible. Which leads we to the next question, that was also discussed in this thread previously. If stem cells and other cells that we lose, due to a failing ability to regrow the cells, if the process can be reversed. Again a very interesting question. Again, we have reached a new level regarding biochemical technology, and we are able to regrow cells, that seemed impossible 20 years ago. It is even possible to clone a human using the DNA from a fingernail! Therefore I can't see anything that should prevent such a method - to activate the stem cells and DNA replicators so we won't age at the same level. A good example is growth hormones or dwarf hormones if you like. That hormone makes the body grow to a level that is likely to the same state, as if you were still a teenager (roughly said). Again, I don't see anything that would make it impossible to create such a hormone, that could keep the stem cells and DNA replication cells functioning over a long periode of time. One of the disadvantages is, that it is never a good idea to tamper with the human nature. A human is at our current state "builded" to last about 75-80 years. To prolong life with maybe 50 years using hormones or other kind of medical wonders could be a bad idea. One last thing. As discussed in this thread why humans live longer in average lifespand - but our maximum age does not increase the answer is very simple. Today, we are able to cure most diseases - and the fact that the incidens regarding sudden infant death (SID) have been decreased. Meaning that we don't live longer, we are just better to keep people alive!
  7. Wanderer, you sound just like me a few years ago. I'm also 23 now, and it was first when I was 22 that I had the same thoughts as you are having now. BUT, my problem was that I was in the wrong study (nutrition and biochemistry). I decided at that point to finish my masters at my current study, even though I still neded over 2 years. Actually I need a little over 1½ years now, when I'm done with that I have 5 years studying physics, and perhaps a phd. after the 5 years, thats 10 years of study I have left, but really - I don't think that is a bad thing, not from my own perspective. And I surely don't see a problem with you starting now, as other people have said as well. Alot of good suggestions have been written in this thread, if I should give one more advice it would be: Get a network! Like this forum, or people who share the same interests as you in your town. If you have a network, things will get much more easier and you will have much more fun. A network can help you, motivate you, give you advice etc. etc. Best of luck, and buy lots of book - I just bought 7 from Amazon regarding physics. And by the way: It is never too late to change your life!!
  8. That just sounds great to tell the truth!! Read the math tutorial and it is very very good, so just keep up the good work guys! Looking forward for the next one in line.
  9. Tried to google interatomic forces, but couldn't find anything good, can you explain what that is, I would be very thankfull! Do you guys believe that it would be easier to establish a moonbase instead?
  10. Thanks SwansonT great article, was really surprised by some of the facts: "The microgravity environment has been found to be far more deleterious to human health than anyone had suspected. Indeed, in the first heady early days of the space age there was speculation that someday heart patients might be sent into orbit to rest their hearts, which would not have to pump blood against the force of gravity. On the contrary we find that not only is the heart severely stressed in zero gravity, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, immune suppression, sleep disorders, diarrhea and bouts of depression and anxiety are endemic to the space environment." Would have thought the opposite..
  11. The way I understand his hypothese is that you should not even breath, you would be in a complete "stasis" - if not you would go brain dead and die in 5 mins because of no air.
  12. Yes I thought about the space elevator as a possible way of transporting materials from earth to space and back to earth. I read about somewhere that it was expected to be build from 2015 - is that true? CaptainPanic: Yes it probably was a little too over ambitious a suggestion. I still believe it will be very exiting to see what the ISS discovers with their new space lab. Not to mention all the possible new products, which can be manufactured in space. Some future vision I agree.
  13. So you just need enough energy as a 6400 kg nuke? Then you could make it happen, I just can't se the problem!!
  14. Thanks alot guys I will look into it! Appreciate your answers.
  15. I was talking only theory, as you mention yourself in your last 2 lines. If it's possible to do it with an atom, then in theory it should be possible to do it on a larger scale. When you say 0.6 kg to energy, was that the total amount of mass that became energy of the bomb?
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