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  1. You need to be more polite. It's a forum for everyone and for science, I don't think we need a "+18" Warning to the SFN visitors.

  2. dude

    we toally poned taht antimnatter nub on taht thread.

    rok on

  3. hey it's me, im taht n00b you toally poned on cs:source

    im prolly a biger n00b tahn u

  4. yeah tahts teh weird
  5. i liek analogue watches now, they look really nice especially the gold ones. digitals suck. tahts what I teh tihnk at any rate. donuthole's list is okay, i dont erally think it applies to real life all taht much. lol
  6. a Clown


    all taht i know is taht spin on a particle level isn't really 'spin' in the sense that we know.
  7. It's like a developer console. ~ /rodent_left /rodent_kill
  8. This is teh first time I've heard of white holes...very interesting concept.
  9. So can anyone think of a list of advantages of using Analogue? -Better looking -Easier to tell short quantities o' teh time -...did I say better looking?
  10. I prefer teh analog watches because they look nice. And you're right, all teh clocks in our school are off, I remember one day it said it was 9:57 and it was actually 9:57...that was a first. Is this teh model you have? http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/images/ti/timex-ironman-30-lap-memory-watch.JPG
  11. I hate my life. I enjoy gratuitous amounts of sexuyssufeykjaious. So you're about a size 14? (anyone get it? no?) Not really catch-phrases...more things I yell at people when I'm bored...
  12. A life he says? *gasp* I'm pretty sure that's illegal...
  13. a Clown

    Google laser logo

    Google have cool logos on holidays when I was a little younger I would save them into a folder because I was bored... I had quite a lot... They were original though
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