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  1. All of you miss the point and the big picture. Without something or someone to believe in you have ciaos. Leaders had to come up with a way to control populations. If you want to go with the dominion thing, then think about this. God said to obey mans laws, its not until mans laws cross gods laws that he steps in. So yes there's a chain of command.
  2. How about this, Father, Son, and the Holy spirit. Space, Time, and light?
  3. This is a question I have thought about for the last 12 years. (What does it mean to be made in Gods image?) I believe that being made in Gods image means not physical but emotional image. What makes me believe this is because that's the only thing we as humans have in common with God. Think about this... God loves, gets jealous (no false gods), gets angry (a lot in the old testament), he hates (evil), gets lonely (why else would we be here?), and he gets happy and sad. As far as anyone knows he gets depressed just like we do. Anyway my point is this, if this is true then that would make God.... not "perfect". We have freewill, God could make us love him but he wants us to love him on our own. So that brings me to this, if we were made by God and put on the earth with freewill just because God was lonely then doesn't that mean he can be selfish just like us? So why not just skip this part and go straight to Heaven? Satan started out in Heaven, maybe God learned from his mistake and that's why we got freewill. Now he knows who the trouble makers are ahead of time. I hope I don't offend anyone i'm just looking for fresh thoughts, I do believe we are made in Gods emotional image, I just think he has a lot more control over his. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. So we are all in a matrix that God created? For some odd reason that's as logical as anything else.
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