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  1. I was finally able to ask my teacher and learned that with what we know the answer is impossible to find, thank you all for all your help
  2. yeah I could probably work it out but I would probably make a large amount of mistakes, if you could post the diagram it would be very helpful, thank you
  3. the fact that it is a meridian tells me that line AB and BC are equal, other than that not much, this is the first geometry class I have taken and we are still pretty unknowledgeable of most things, we haven't learned cosines yet, thank you
  4. no we have not learned that yet, thank you, any Idea on how to find the area of triangle ADB? thanks and we did learn the properties of a median of a triangle
  5. sorry double posted, other one is the real one, thanks
  6. I have been trying to do this for a while and have no idea how, all I was given was that line DB is the median of line AC, I need to find the are of the triangles ADB and DCB, thanks for any help you can
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