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  1. Last Comment: This in not a small detail...which I'm sure you are aware of. The two statements are quite different.
  2. What he has in not the FTC so he shouldn't call it that.
  3. this [math]\int\frac{df(x)}{dx}dx=f(x)+C[/math] is NOT the FTC The actual theorem is provided in the subsection of the link I provided. Here is another link FTC Could you please point out how what you typed is the FTC.
  4. This is not (either part) the fundamental theorem of calculus
  5. [math]P(A' \cap B) = P(B) - P(A \cap B)[/math]
  6. I just had to point out that the above is not correct. The derivative of [math]x^{2x}[/math] is [math]2(ln(x)+1)x^{2x}[/math]
  7. I don't see why this is true. I agree with yourdadonapogos. The assignment sounds horrible.
  8. How can it be hard if you only have to memorize stuff?
  9. anyone know any good books on general chemistry.
  10. i thought the sum of 1/n^2 was (Pi^2)/6
  11. I have never met a mathematician that had a problem grasping the concepts of biology and chemistry. I have met biologists and chemists that had a very hard time understanding mathematics. I have a friend that earned a bachelors degree in math and chemistry. She flunked out of math grad school, but she didn’t have a problem getting a masters degree in chemistry.
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