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  1. Panspermia. The probability of one complex intelligent extraterrestrial organism that evolved under different conditions/laws of our observable 4-dimensional universe and either before or after the creation of it 14 billion years ago. If all matter is essentially organized energy, is it possible that energy has neither a beginning nor an end? And that life exists in a cosmic intersection of energies/dimensions/membranes. I don't think that humans are the sole result of evolution, though I do believe that biology is.
  2. It is unreasonable to define one theoretical process as "naturalistic" and another theoretical process as "supernatural" especially when both possibilities are completely within the realm of conceivable physics. I concede that not all theories will be "proven" through experimental results. However, until persuaded by evidence, I am inclined to consider "spontaneous" theories with the same skeptical reasoning as "assisted" theories. Determining which theory is more/less impossible or which makes more/less assumptions at this point, is essentially at the discretion of one's intellect.
  3. I literally acknowledged Abiogensis in the post you quoted of mine. Abiogenesis attempts to explain whether metabolism or replication came first. Opponents and proponents of theories will occur until the process is able to be reproduced artificially or, better yet, discovered in nature. Until then, theorizing that this process occurred spontaneously and theorizing that the process was initiated basically are similar assumptions.
  4. I never said NOT believing in ID is arrogant, I suggested that absolute assumption of anything is arrogant. While I firmly believe superstring theory will inevitably satisfy the known laws of quantum mechanics, I genuinely believe biological studies will inevitably suggest life comes from life. But then again, I acknowledge the possibility (though I believe slim) that RNA formed then subsequently replicated itself.
  5. Anyone who resists with absolute certainty the probability of complex extraterrestrial life or the possibility (albeit slim) of intelligent design on a quantum level.
  6. ...to insist that humans are the peak of biological accomplishment.
  7. All four sides of the Great Pyramids at Giza correspond perfectly to the four cardinal directions: North, South, East and West. Coincidence? Giza pyramids correspond perfectly to the Orion constellation. Coincidence? How would Egyptians illuminate interior corridors of the pyramids? Reflection of light off of copper surfaces? Impossible considering the degradation of UV reflection off of copper. Torches? No residue has been found on the interior ceilings to suggest the use of torches.
  8. If UV radiation causes cancer, than Dakrons must cure it.
  9. Gobekli Tepe has been radiocarbon dated to no less than 10000 years ago, yet the earliest known human civilization (Sumer) is c. 7000 years ago. They didn't develop metrology/basic mathematics until about 5000 years ago based upon archaeological finds. I don't believe you understand the physics involved in building the Great Pyramid without the use of the wheel, cranes, lumber, ramps, etc. It is easy to say 'It's a stone structure that was built by primitive humans' but it is harder to explain how they actually did so without advanced mathematics, engineering and astronomy. Much less why they associated the construction with extraterrestrial influence. So humans went from drawing stick figures in caves to fabricating stories on stone to influence the development of future generations in just a few years? Seems highly unlikely to me.
  10. The M-Theory is the closest theory that can attempt to explain the correlation between the 4 known laws of nature (general relativity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force) that affect our universe. According to the theory, there is no less and no more than 11 dimensions. I believe the general consensus among proponents is 8/9 spatial and 3/2 time, but that's off the top of my head and I'd have to research it again to be certain.
  11. All dates are approximated by research and are designated as Years Before Present. (Stone Age) 200000 - 150000 YBP - Mitochondrial Ancestor in Africa 150000 - 125000 YBP - Y-Chromosomal Ancestor in Africa 70000 - 60000 YBP - First successful migration out of Africa 14000 - 11500 YBP - Earliest Known Sedentarization in Eastern Mediterranean 14000 - 10000 YBP - Evidence of habitation in Egypt (Start of current Interglacial Period) 11000 YBP - Construction of Göbekli Tepe (Radiocarbon) (Bronze Age) 7300 YBP - Earliest Civilization: Mesopotamia Settled 6000 YBP - Earliest wheeled vehicles 5200 YBP - Start of Egyptian Dynasty 5100 YBP - Start of historic record in Sumer/Egypt 5000 YBP - Archaeologists: Earliest possible construction of Great Pyramid at Giza 5000 YBP - Earliest possible Metrology in Mesopotamia 4900 YBP - Earliest possible Metrology in Egypt 4900 YBP - First King of Sumeria after "Great Deluge" 4500 YBP - Construction of Stonehenge 4500 YBP - Earliest known written mathematics in Sumeria 4500 YBP - Earliest written record of Creation/Deluge myths 4100 - 3500 YBP - Start of Chinese Dynasty 4000 YBP - Archaeologists: Latest possible construction of Great Pyramid at Giza 3900 YBP - Earliest known Egyptian Mathematics 3500 YBP - Earliest known written sighting of Flying Objects (Iron Age) 2800 YBP - Ancient Rome settled 2600 YBP - Ancient Greeks invent Crane 2550 YBP - Precise cuts in stone at Pumapunku 2500 YBP - Start of Persian Empire 2200 YBP - Great Pyramid at Giza first written reference Argument points: Göbekli Tepe built before Bronze Age, immediately after the last glacial period, before humans discover the wheel, before first human civilization, before human metrology/mathematics. Great Pyramid at Giza built around/before earliest Egyptian metrology/mathematics and at the beginning of the Bronze Age. Since the beginning of written history, humans have documented extraterrestrial sightings, encounters and influence. If early humans were capable of intelligently engineering and constructing massive stone structures, why would they fabricate myths about these structures being constructed by extraterrestrials? And why do all early accounts of extraterrestrials describe at least two opposing factions with opposite intentions for humans? If simple and complex life exists on Earth, and we have found extraterrestrial fossilized simple cells, then the probability of extraterrestrial complex/intelligent life must be assigned a value. If the human species are the sole product of molecular self replication, then what was the first replicator? And why are we the only species that has developed an intelligence gene. Is it really so far fetched that we are the product of advanced genetic engineering that even we ourselves are on the verge of achieving?
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